Texas Legislator Laments Infusion of Religion into Politics in Her State

It’s finally happened.

We found one.

A politician in Texas who opposes the infusion of religion into politics.


State Rep. Donna Howard explains her concerns with her colleagues who think the government is just an extension of their church:

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Bill Nye Explains Five Things You Must Know About Climate Change

Bill Nye, in one minute, teaches us five things we need to know about climate change:

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Louisiana District Attorney Uses Bible in Court to Justify Death Penalty Against Defendant

In 2012, Rodricus Crawford was convicted of killing his one-year-old son, Roderius. There’s been a lot written in Crawford’s defense — he may very well be innocent — but that hasn’t stopped Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox (below) from seeking the death penalty against him.

I’m going to skip over the facts of the case and focus on how it was argued. Cox defended his push for the death penalty by quoting the Bible in court, as if we’re guided by the Christian holy book in this country instead of the Constitution:

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10 Facts That Make Religion Interesting For Anyone

I’m an atheist who loves religion. By that, I don’t mean that I believe in the supernatural or that I enjoy terrible acts committed in the name of faith; I mean I love learning about different religions and their histories, from the ancient Greek “mythologies” to the stories present in religions embraced widely today, I genuinely enjoy learning about the cultures that created them. I majored in Religious Studies in college so that I could look at these traditions from an academic and phenomenological approach and found that they are more interesting than many people realize. Here’s what you may not know about some major world religions (or otherwise popular supernatural beliefs):

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Kids in Ireland Now Taught That an “Afraid and Confused” Mary Said “Yes” to God Impregnating Her

The virgin birth has always been a point of contention for atheists. Not just because it’s implausible, but also because Mary didn’t consent to being impregnated by God and isn’t that pretty messed up?

Apparently not. In many schools in Ireland, six-year-olds are now being taught that Mary gave an enthusiastic “Yes” to God.

According to a new religious education class called “Grow in Love,” used in primary schools throughout the country, one lesson notes that an “afraid and confused” Mary who “did not understand what God was asking of her” consented to getting knocked up by the Lord.

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