Thanks to Ted Cruz, a Ceremony Ending with “Hail Satan” Took Place at the Michigan State Capitol

Because the supporters of Ted Cruz held a “live Nativity” on the grounds of the Michigan State Capitol earlier this month, the door was open for any group to stage a live demonstration!

That’s why The Satanic Temple held the “nation’s first state-sanctioned Satanic Ceremony in history” in the same space on Saturday night. The main speech, given by the Temple’s Detroit director Jex Blackmore, ended with a call for everyone to “Hail Satan.” A Judas Priest song closed the event as two men made out on the Capitol steps.

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Little Girl Finds Out About Santa and Gives Parents “Middle Finger” Emoji

After days of asking her parents about the truth of Santa’s existence, a 10-year-old Maryland girl named Belle got the answer she was looking for… but it was the one she hoped wasn’t true.

Her response? A scathing letter ending in a sassy cyber salute delivered under her parents’ door.

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Ignorant Christian Writer Wants Atheists to “Calm Down” During the Holidays

Peter Heck, writing for the American Thinker, proves the publication needs a new name in his latest article. He argues, as so many other ignorant Christians have said before him, that it makes no sense for atheists to get so worked up over religion when — wait for it — they don’t believe in God!

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Wisconsin Legislator Asks Non-Christians to Convert for the Holidays

Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Allen had a public Christmas message for residents of his state that went far beyond what was appropriate for an elected official.

Rather than saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and leaving it at that, Allen told Jews, atheists, Hindus, Muslims, and everyone else to consider converting to Christianity, before rattling off a handful of Bible verses:

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Taking Up Arms in the War on Christmas

John Rael didn’t get the memo about how the War on Christmas is completely fictional, so he began preparing for combat:

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