We Send Ourselves To Hell… Right?

DarkMatters2525 presents a rebuttal to the Christian saying that God doesn’t send us to Hell; we send ourselves to Hell! (NSFW violence)

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‘Cosmos’ Got Outranked by ‘Resurrection,’ a Show About People Coming Back to Life

According to the L.A. Times, the first episode of Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey, drew 5.8 million viewers on Fox last night. Not horrible, but hardly a, um, stellar performance.

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It’s All About Perspective…

I swear this has a relevant ending:

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If the Dog Doesn’t Die, God’s Plan Will Be Ruined!

Just wait till you see how God’s Plan works

If there really is a Plan, then God is one wicked character. Thankfully, there isn’t, and we’re all better off because of that.

(via Pie Comic and Exploring Our Matrix)

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When the End Times Arrive, How Will the Media Report It?

Buzzfeed goes to town, and I LOL’ed.

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