Pope Francis Says He Bought Roses For a Dead Confessor … Then Stole the Man’s Rosary Cross From the Casket

I’ve been to a number of wakes and funerals, and — so far so good — have never stolen anything from the deceased. For some odd reason, that urge never came over me. Now, were the recently departed friend or relative to clutch an object that I wanted, I don’t think I’d have the chutzpah [Read More...]

Cuyahoga Falls City Council Prays ‘In Jesus’ Name’ At Meetings

If you’re a member of a City Council, how do you not understand this by now? If you’re giving an invocation prayer, it must be non-denominational; you can’t pray to Jesus when you’re supposed to represent everybody. Hell, the Supreme Court is about to rule on this exact matter very soon.

I guess no one on the Cuyahoga Falls City Council in Ohio got the memo. Ever since Councilman Terry Mader became the council’s chaplain in January, his invocation prayers have all ended with the words, “In Jesus’ name, we pray.”

On Monday, local residents did their best to protect their city from a lawsuit:

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Catholic Parishioners in Ireland Get Burned — No, Literally

Was Satan, that jokester, up to his wily ways again — by burning churchgoers’ foreheads?

Father Eugene Baker said he first became aware of the problem when a parishioner told him during Holy Communion they were “experiencing a burning sensation.” About 30 parishioners had received ashes to mark the beginning of Lent at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Newtownshandrum, County Cork.

“I stopped the service and alerted people that there was a problem with the ash. They went to wash it off in the sacristy,” he said. Some people did get quite a nasty burn from the ash, whatever’s in it.”

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The Problem with ‘Spontaneous Baptisms’

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how Elevation Church in North Carolina performs “spontaneous baptisms” with a dose of deceit: You can read more about this practice here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions [Read More...]

The One-Pixel Moon

I scrolled through the entire thing and it was totally worth it:

Mercury and Jupiter blew my mind away when I got to them.

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