This is Why You Shouldn’t Say the Pledge of Allegiance in School

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why you shouldn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in school:

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Does New Research Prove Life After Death? Not So Much…

Holy Moses, the afterlife is real! Or such is the impression that you might get, reading about the “AWARE” study (recently published in the Resuscitation Journal). The Telegraph‘s headline, for instance, trumpets, “First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study.”

This is followed by a far less exciting, but more accurate, description:

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Tennessee School District Considers Prayers at Board Meetings, Despite Knowing They’re Illegal

The Williamson County Board of Education in Tennessee want to begin meetings with prayer, which they can’t do since a school board (which oversees students specifically) isn’t the same as a city council. A school board prayer is usually seen by the courts as no different from a teacher or principal leading prayer in a classroom — there’s a coercion factor that comes into play.

What’s more, the board members in Williamson County know prayers would be illegal, and yet they still want to have them:

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Reli-Fraud Is Under-Discussed and Under-Reported in Churches; Ephren Taylor’s Jesus Scam

How do religious shysters build entire financial empires? Why do they get away with running obvious Ponzi schemes for years on end, while no one appears to ask them any hard questions?

Cathy Lerman, a Florida lawyer who is representing several victims of religious fraudster Ephren Taylor (sometimes dubbed “the black Bernie Madoff”), offers at least part of the answer:

Religious-affinity fraud is quite common, but it’s not discussed inside the church, and that’s one of the problems. No one wants to admit that it occurs, and that’s how [Taylor] did this for so long. A lot of these people were ashamed, or they felt from a religious standpoint that what happens in the church stays in the church, and you don’t go telling anybody and you don’t have him arrested and you don’t do anything.”

“Who would dream that someone would come into your church and use your faith as a weapon to steal?” said Lerman. “All of them believed that they were the only ones; they thought they had been stupid.”

From 2007 to 2010, Taylor gave “Wealth Tour Live” seminars in churches around the country.

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This Ignorant Christian Parent Misunderstood Her Child’s History Homework and Caused a Stir Online

When I was teaching math — let’s say it was trigonometry — I always tried to put a question on the unit test that looked like this:

Explain to an intelligent 8-year-old why the value of sine can never be greater than 1.

In other words, could you explain what “sine” meant using basic terminology in a simple, straightforward way?* I could always tell from their responses who really understood the material and who was just regurgitating something out of a textbook.

So when a high school history teacher at Jenison High School in Michigan was discussing world religions and asked his students to “introduce Islam to 3rd graders,” I knew exactly what he meant. He wanted the students to design a pamphlet about Islam that just covered the basics.


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