Church Group Prays For Addicts, ‘Helps’ Them Even More By Asking People to Narc On Them to SWAT Unit

While skimming news headlines on Google, I swear I thought this one said

Church alliance pays for those with drugs, alcohol addiction.

Such charity of the financial kind would have been refreshing. Alas, it turns out that I missed an “r” and that the church team is praying — not paying — for addicts to get help.

The initiative would scarcely have been worth mentioning in this space if it hadn’t been for the final paragraph of the piece.

The group passes out signs that carry the logo Praying Against Drugs and Alcohol to interested community members. The phone number listed on the sign, (606) 836-0442, connects callers with the FADE Drug Task Force, where they can report drug activities or get information on where they or others they might know can get the help they need to deal with addiction.

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Dragnet: 60 Years Ago in Los Angeles, the Baby Jesus Disappeared and the LAPD Worked the Case Tirelessly

Yesterday, the Modesto Bee reported that a local church is missing the star player from its nativity scene.

When [pastor Ryan Cortright] arrived at the church, he noticed something missing from the Nativity scene in front of the church: Baby Jesus.

“Mary and Joseph are still there, looking for him, but he’s not there,” Cortright said.

The Bee doesn’t say if police were called, and whether an investigation ensued. My guess is that, these days, such a case would be low on the cops’ priority list.

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Congressman Proposes Legislation to Protect Christians from the ‘War on Christmas’

You’ll be happy to know that the least productive Congress in history is working on a resolution to remind everyone that Christians are still in the majority.

And they must be protected from the War on Christmas, says Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), the sponsor of the most unnecessary piece of legislation since the last thing the GOP proposed.

House Resolution 448 says that “the symbols and traditions of Christmas should be protected for use by those who celebrate Christmas.”

As if people were actually trying to take that away…

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This Guy’s Running for Elected Office in Texas, So He Just Trashed Atheists in His Latest Campaign Ad

Sid Miller, a Texas Republican running to become the state’s Agriculture Commissioner, has to beef up his conservative credentials, so he just released a holiday campaign ad that includes a jab at atheists. Because I guess that’s how you get elected as a Republican in Texas.

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Of All the Places an Atheist Display Would Be Vandalized, This One Caught Me By Surprise…

Get this: We’re used to vandalism on atheist billboards and banners, but the latest example of an atheist display getting destroyed took place at a senior center in California, where the Rossmoor Atheist and Agnostic Club had put up a Tree of Knowledge:

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