Trials of a Softhearted Scrooge

Christmas time is a pain in the neck for me. But this year I’m trying to be a nice atheist. Today I went to the hardware store for a light bulb and some batteries. The place had transformed since I’d been in a few days ago, from hardware store to mondo-bizarro-psychedelic-drug-trip-surreal-fantasy-forest. On my left there [Read More...]

Atheist Funerals

Blog reader Jodie was filling out life insurance forms at work and realized that she had never been to an atheist funeral. She says she wouldn’t want her own service to be in a church, but she’s not sure where it would be held. (Would it even matter, since she’d be gone?) Also, since most [Read More...]

Talk to an Atheist Author About How You Manage Life Without God

Eric Maisel wants to pick your brain: I am pleased to announce that New World Library will publish the book on atheism that I am currently writing. If you are an atheist, I want to pick your brain about how you manage your life “without gods.” I am forming a cyberspace group where we can [Read More...]

At What Age Should You Attend a LGBT Pride March?

Teen Atheist is 17. Turning 18 in less than a week (happy early birthday!). There’s an LGBT Pride March in her area that she wants to attend as a supporter. Her mom won’t let her. I approached my mother and asked her if I could go. She gave me a firm “No,” explaining that I [Read More...]

American Humanist Association Encourages You To See The Golden Compass

The American Humanist Association just put out this release: Take a Stand Against Censorship! Go see “The Golden Compass” at a movie theater near you. For what reason should you go see it? Because the religious right doesn’t want you to see it. And some media commentators are saying that that’s reason enough. But there [Read More...]

We Win!

Apparently, atheism is “safe and secure” in our public schools, says one misguided letter-to-the-editor writer in the Daily Herald newspaper. She has no idea that separation of church and state is not the same as indoctrination into atheism. Judging from all the protest surrounding the new moment of silence in Illinois schools, it looks as [Read More...]

Only in Amsterdam…

Blog reader Rob was in Amsterdam last week and came across a beautiful old church. It seemed to him like the church must have had empty space on its property, so to raise funds, they allowed retail shops to set up in those areas and sell their goods. The shops were “tucked into the buttresses [Read More...]

Mario Cross

The whole game must have been an allegory… Which means the green turtles were actually evil atheists, and Bowser represents Satan, and Jesus spits fire! (via myconfinedspace) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

34 Unconvincing Arguments for God

This is the most recent version of Minnesota Atheist August Berkshire‘s list of the most unconvincing arguments for God: The list has nearly doubled since I first posted it! If you’d like to download a nicer PDF version, you can do that here. To reiterate what I said in the original posting, August has said [Read More...]


Look no further for the perfect present to get that atheist you know and love this holiday season: a godless giftcard! All you need is this image, this website, an amount of money to put on the card, and $5.95 to make it happen. Johnny Crow is hoping that this does not violate the site’s [Read More...]

Not a True Atheist?

Recently a remark by a Christian visiting here reminded me of something peculiar I have encountered from time to time that I had never known about before I started reading and discussing things on line, the notion of the “not real Christian.” I have heard several people who identify themselves as Christians say that because [Read More...]

Congrats to Mojoey!

His wonderful atheist blogroll just passed the 500 blog mark! If you’re not part of it, you’re missing out on the Technorati-induced fun. Go join. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Largest Atheist Group in the Country Destroyed…

… by hackers. Bryan Pesta ran a popular atheist/agnostic group on MySpace. At last count, it was over 31,000 members strong. Technically, that made it the largest organized group of atheists/agnostics in the country. However, that group no longer exists. Recently, hackers broke into the group profile and essentially killed it. They renamed it “jesus [Read More...]

Who Does Antony Flew Belong To?

You may have already heard about how the famous atheist philosopher, Antony Flew, converted to deism a few years back. He now has a book out entitled There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind. Since then both atheists and Christians have reacted in predictable ways. While some Christians crow [Read More...]