A Disturbing Conversation Between a Jehovah’s Witness Mother and Her Atheist Son

A former Jehovah’s Witness recorded a conversation between his 17-year-old younger brother, who is now an atheist and no longer wants to attend JW meetings, and their parents.

Take it all with a grain of salt since it’s hard to verify these things, but the recording is pretty horrifying.

There’s plenty of verbal abuse — at 4:27, the mother says she should have aborted him; at 7:10, she says she should put him in a mental institution. The anonymous poster also added that there was physical abuse at home (“My father put him in a choke hold, my mother hit him.”)

If you can stomach it, have a listen:

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An Illinois Atheist Group’s “Are You Good Without God?” Banner Was Vandalized

I noted earlier that the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago had put up an atheist display at North School Park in the city of Arlington Heights. They did it to counter the Nativity Scene that was also on the property.

In addition to a five-foot-tall Scarlet A, there was an “Are you Good Without God? Millions are” banner from the Chicago Coalition of Reason:

Late Tuesday night, a group member noticed that someone had tampered with the banner.

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A Look at the Grisly Side of Traditional Christmas Myths

It’s all fun and games until someone gets eaten, beaten, or sacrificed.

Christmas is a time that should inspire togetherness and, if we consult the traditional Christmas myths… well, absolute terror. Depending on which stories you credit, the holiday is less a joyous celebration and more the reign of cannibals, monsters, and blood sacrifice (oh my!).

A lot of the horrific aspects were likely designed to elicit good behavior. There are rewards — Santa will bring toys to all the good kids! — but the punishments go so much further than the familiar coal in the stockings.

For instance, there’s the holiday goat-demon Krampus.

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If Obi-Wan Kenobi Were a Republican Politician…

… then Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hopeless would have had a short and desolate plot:

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Mississippi Courthouse with Nativity Scene Allows “Axial Tilt: The Reason for the Season” Sign

The Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi has this Nativity scene in the building… which is odd for a place that’s supposed to respect the law:

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