Christian Athletes Perform Acrobatic Dunk Show for Public School Students, but Did They Also “Share the Gospel” with Them?

For some reason, Forest Elementary School (in Bedford County, Virginia) invited a group of college athletes to put on a basketball dunking show for the students.

The group was from Liberty University.

How do you think that played out?

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New Bill In Virginia Says Believers Who Apply For a Child-Care License Are Exempt From Fingerprinting Requirement

Religious privilege is more important than the lives of children, some Virginia legislators think.

A House committee is supporting omnibus legislation for greater oversight of home day care businesses in the aftermath of child fatalities in the homes of unlicensed providers, including the death of a 1-year-old Chesterfield County boy in a fire last fall. …

In addition to the licensing threshold [which lowers the number of children that home day care providers may take under their wing without obtaining a license], the omnibus bill would require fingerprint background checks for licensed day care centers and home providers, but not unlicensed providers and those with a religious exemption, who would be subject only to a name background check as they are now.

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A Fiery Sermon… in Honor of Charles Darwin

Out of context, this looks like a near-parody of a Sunday morning church service… for the religion of Darwinism.

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Tonight’s Episode of Vanity Fair Confidential is All About the Murdered Founder of American Atheists

If you’re addicted to crime drama, tonight’s new episode of Vanity Fair Confidential on the Investigation Discovery network is all about the murder of American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

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I Wonder How He’d Feel If the Three Dots Suddenly Vanished…

(via New Yorker)

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