Liveblogging TAM2013: Saturday Morning Sessions

After Penn Jillette’s amazing doughnut and bacon party last night (Yes, I did eat two Krispy Kremes and about three pounds of bacon, thanks for asking) and some technical issues this morning, we’re back on track! As always, thanks to Michael Greiff for all of the great photos! You can follow him at Instagram at [Read More...]

While They Raised Money for Atheist Tornado Victim, He Was Capitalizing on the Generosity for Personal Gain

On May 23rd, the organizers of the FreeOK Oklahoma Freethought Convention decided to hold a fundraiser for Rebecca Vitsmun. Vitsmun, as you might recall, was the woman who famously told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that she was an atheist when he asked her if she was thanking the Lord following the tornado:

The fundraiser put Vitsmun’s phrase, “I’m actually an atheist,” on t-shirts:

These shirts will be sold online and at the FreeOK Convention in June for a $25 donation to a relief fund designated to help our heroine and her son get through this very difficult time. All tees are black, 100% cotton with “I’m actually an atheist” screen printed in white with the scarlet letter A that has come to be associated with atheism. Ladies cuts are available. When ordering, you may choose to have your tee shipped or have it waiting for you at the convention on June 22nd. As always, your support is appreciated.

Awesome, right? You got a shirt and Vitsmun’s family received some money to help them out through their difficult time. In fact, FreeOK sold over 1,000 shirts — they’re still fulfilling orders as we speak, but we’ll know very soon how much money will be given to the Vitsmuns.

Here’s where things get weird.

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Another Celebrity Scientologist Leaves the Church

According to “King of Queens” star Leah Remini, the latest celebrity to leave the Church of Scientology, millions of Scientologists have it wrong.

Anonymous sources for the New York Post had plenty to say about Remini’s departure. They claimed that she suffered through years of “interrogations” and “thought modification” after she allowed herself to engage in a bit of freethinking and then — gasp! — question the church leadership about their policies and practices. (Questioning the leader, David Miscavige, is simply not allowed.) Remini didn’t stop there; she went a step further and spoke up about the abuses at Sea Org.

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This Might as Well Be the Motto for Christian-Owned Bed-and-Breakfast Places

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Can You Be a Good Skeptic and Believe in God?

Mister Deity says of course you can:

Relax, he says, there are Catholics who use birth control, too.

Here’s the more entertaining question: Are there more skeptics who believe in some higher power, or more atheists who are poor skeptics?

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