The Power of Christ Compelled Him: Toronto “Exorcist” Pastor Wayne Marlon Jones Is Accused of Rape, Fraud

I can’t understand what, you know, possesses these people.

When a woman in Toronto tried to get rid of her “demons,” the pastor she hired for the task did more demonstrable harm than the fantasy creatures that unnerved her. Police have now charged Pastor Wayne Marlon Jones with sexual assault and three counts of fraud.

A 53-year-old Toronto pastor is facing charges after police say he sexually assaulted a woman while performing exorcisms on her.

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Mr. Deity Is Back… with Richard Dawkins (of The Shellfish Gene)

It’s easily the best Mr. Deity episode since David Silverman was on. Even the money request at the end, after the Dawkins bit is over, is great. Enjoy.

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Once Again, President Obama Defends Right to “Practice No Faith at All” at National Prayer Breakfast

I wish it wasn’t such a given to see the President of the United States speak at an event called the National Prayer Breakfast, but he did it again today. President Obama honored religious leaders and spoke about the importance and goodness of faith… before adding all the obvious ways faith is used to do horrific things:

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For the First Time Ever, a Darwin Day Resolution Has Been Introduced in the Senate

A few days ago, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT, below) introduced House Resolution 67 (a.k.a. the Darwin Day Resolution) to designate Charles Darwin’s birthday, February 12, as a national day to recognize “the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.”

Now, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT, below) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate, making it the first time the Darwin Day Resolution has been introduced in that body. The text of S.Res. 66 hasn’t been released yet, but it should be pretty similar to the House version:

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Granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network Founder Alleges Corruption Involving More Than $100,000,000

Just over a year ago, Paul Crouch, the man who founded Trinity Broadcasting Network and made millions of dollars on the backs of gullible viewers, died.

Now, his family is in the middle of a lawsuit that alleges all sorts of corruption within the organization:

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