Your Burger and Fries, Now With a Side of Bible

Dateline: Natchez, Mississippi.

Location: One of Sonic‘s 3,500 drive-in restaurants.

Note the free extra at the bottom of the receipt.

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When Hiring, Some Muslim Schools in the U.K. Practice a Shameless Kind of Gender Segregation

It’s not hard to spot what’s wrong with this picture … unless you’re running a Muslim school in the United Kingdom.

That’s not a one-time slip-up, but a pervasive pattern at some Islamic schools, says the British Humanist Association – even though this kind of thing has been against the law for the better part of 40 years.

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After Long Condemning Homosexuality, Evangelicals Are Now Trying to Distance Themselves from Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

What do you do if you’re an evangelical Christian and you’re asked about the new law in Uganda criminalizing homosexuality, sentencing gay people (in some cases) to life in prison?

You distance yourself from it as much as you possibly can. Which is tough to do when your own stance is still in the realm of, “Gay people shouldn’t have the same rights that I do.”

In Sarah Pulliam Bailey‘s article for Religion News Service, she quotes a few Christians who attempt to explain why Uganda’s laws are bad while also implying that their own views are perfectly fine… which is like a really dark grey pot calling the kettle black.

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After Filing a Lawsuit Against a Public School District That Hosted a Christian Rapper, an Atheist Family Needs Help

Since we often talk on this site about the need for young atheists to stand strong against religious indoctrination in their public schools, it’s only fair that we also discuss the backlash that sometimes results from that.

One particular story — that has a not-so-happy-ending — began in September of 2011 at New Heights Middle School in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, a place that’s home to over two hundred Christian churches.

I wrote about an assembly held at the school in The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide:

Not only did [Pastor Christian Chapman] use his time to rail against atheism, evolution, and homosexuality, he told the students that “a relationship with Jesus is what you need, more important than anything else.” Christian rapper Bryan Edmonds (a.k.a. B-SHOC) later joined him onstage and performed “overtly Christian songs” for the crowd. Even the principal joined the mix by telling students to attend a local church.

But that wasn’t all. Students were told to sign a pledge dedicating themselves to Jesus Christ and teachers were told to pray with students before returning to the classroom. Afterward, the public school’s own website declared that “[b]efore the day ended, 324 kids had either been saved, or had re-committed their lives to the Lord.”

We know about this incident for two main reasons.

First, B-SHOC idiotically posted a video of the event to YouTube (the relevant portion begins at the 3:04 mark):

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This Christian Sorority Had a Choice: Kick Out Two Dating Members or Lose Its Charter

What happens when two women join a Christian sorority, rise to leadership positions within it, and then begin a relationship?

At the UC Berkeley chapter of Alpha Delta Chi, that’s what happened to Kylie Foo and Sophia Chaparro in the spring of 2012. Their decision to be open about their relationship began a chain reaction that led to the sorority’s national board ultimately forcing the members of the group to choose between their charter and their sisters. Sara Grossman does a remarkable job telling the story in The Daily Californian:

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