What Would Happen If We Put Gay People And Straight People On Separate Islands?

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a hyper-conservative Republican Congress member from Texas, is obsessed with this question.

He asked it at a Phyllis Schlafly event back in July. He brought it up again during a lecture at Liberty University recently, and Right Wing Watch nabbed a recording.

Gohmert is obsessed with what would happen if gay and straight people were separated on two desert islands:

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Luciferian Church Vandalized Hours After Christians Protest Outside

On Sunday night, just after Christians protested outside the inaugural meeting of the Greater Church of Lucifer, the building was vandalized by people who smashed in one of its windows.

Unlike most acts of vandalism, though, this was was caught on camera. Sort of. While you can’t see the window being smashed, you can see the culprits outside the building around the 5:09 mark:

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The Catholic Church Has Paid Out $3,994,797,060.10 as a Result of the Sex Abuse Scandals

You can’t put a price on how much damage the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals have done to the victims. But you sure as hell can count how much the Church has paid out as a result of those lawsuits. And that’s what Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter did.

According to their research, since 1950, that amount comes out to $3,994,797,060.10. Nearly $4 billion. And that’s an underestimate since we still don’t know how much was spent for therapy for the victims, help for the offenders, and the creation of “safe environment” programs.

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Christian Publication Claims Gay Father and Gay Son Want to Marry; The Actual Story is Heartbreaking

Roland Bosee Jr. and Nino Esposito have been in a relationship since 1970. But in Pennsylvania, where they live, they were prohibited from having any sort of legal recognition of their union until last summer, when a judge legalized it in the state.

They didn’t think that day would ever come. So a few years ago, they decided to take another route toward legal recognition of their union:

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Pat Robertson Just Got Trolled by a Gamer

I don’t know much about video games, but here’s what I can tell you about Undertale: It’s a role-playing game where you don’t even have to kill anyone if you don’t want to.

And here’s a stylized version of one of the characters, Sans:

Again, he’s just a harmless video game character. He’s also the subject of a question Pat Robertson decided to answer on The 700 Club yesterday. Viewer “Payton” said he saw the character on his daughter’s phone and wanted to know how to help his daughter “not be attracted to such demonic things.”

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