Stop Mocking Tim Tebow for Choosing to Remain Abstinent

Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback arguably better known for his religious convictions, was reportedly dumped by former Miss USA and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo because he wouldn’t give up his virginity for her. (Because Jesus.)

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Dad Who Tried to “Cure” His Sons’ Autism with Homeopathic Medicine Loses Custody of Them

In a disturbing case out of Canada (with somewhat of a happy ending, at least), a father has lost custody of his autistic children after trying to “cure” them using homeopathic medicine.

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It’s Astonishing What This “Quality” U.K. Newspaper Can Get Away With Saying About a Religious Minority

Here’s how columnist Giles Coren, a 22-year veteran of the London Times, announced his disgust of Jews yesterday.

God, I hate Jews. I don’t think there can be a group of people on earth more convinced of their own rightness, more dismissive of other people’s interests and beliefs, or more dogmatic and humourless about their own massively unappealing and totally irrelevant weltanschauung than the “I believe in Yahweh” squad.

Weltanschauung,” rather than simply “world view,” is what language fops use to set themselves apart from the commoners.

Continues Coren:

But it’s not the nihilism, the soullessness, the lack of poetry, the moral and physical ugliness, the shallow iconoclasm or the vainglory of Jews that bother me most. It’s the boringness.

Is it cricket of Coren to slander and generalize a whole group like that, accusing its members of being arrogant, physically ugly, and more? Can a man this bizarrely hateful really have a gig with one of Britain’s foremost broadsheets? Is this the Times or Der Stürmer?

But no, of course I kid. Giles Coren did not write that about Jews (he’s of Jewish ancestry himself). Or Muslims. Or Christians. He wouldn’t dare.

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The Satanic Temple’s Seven Tenets Are Far More Ethical Than the Ten Commandments

The Satanic Temple has “seven fundamental tenets” — none of which would strike most people as evil in any way:


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Salon Edits Out a Crucial Portion of Interview with Sam Harris

Salon published a rather thorough and (frankly) positive interview with Sam Harris the other day. Or so I thought.

First, the good stuff. In his interview with Sean Illing, Harris was able to talk at length on his views instead of being cut down to the sound bites we often hear. You get a real sense of where he stands on Islam, spirituality, etc. Good. That’s what you hope to read in an interview. If you want to criticize his various stances, then you better state his beliefs accurately, and this interview allows for that.

The problem, however, is that Salon cut out one particular section from the original interview — and it was the part that was critical of Salon for publishing so much nonsense that saying “it’s published on Salon” is now a punchline.

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