Pastor Delivers Bizarre Rant Against Nicolas Cage, Hollywood, and ‘Ungodly Wicked Whoremongers’

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything from Pastor Steven Anderson, but this one’s worth it.

Anderson’s not at all happy with the new Left Behind movie, so he spent part of a sermon ranting against actor Nicolas Cage, Hollywood, Satan, celebrities, the Left Behind series, and “ungodly wicked whoremongers”:

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Why Is This Minnesota Public School Sending Students on a Field Trip to Church?

The School of Engineering and Arts in Golden Valley, Minnesota opened up in the fall of 2012. It took them less than 18 months to violate the Constitution.

According to a letter from the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, the public school sent children on a field to a local Christian church (Calvary Lutheran Church) in order to package food for the hungry for a separate Christian non-profit group (Feed My Starving Children). Both the church and the non-profit are interested in spreading the Gospel.

Even after a parent pointed out the problems with this field trip last year, the school just ignored the complaint, a fact the AHLC points out before explaining the legal issues once again:

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Pat Robertson Rationalizes Biblical Genocide by Suggesting It’s the Lesser of Two Evils

You know how all children are exactly like their parents? And if your parents are wicked people, you’ll always end up just like them?

Don’t bother refuting that. It’s too late. Pat Robertson just used a variant of that argument to justify divine genocide.

In response to a woman asking him how a loving God could wipe out entire cities in the Bible (“That sounds like Islam to me”), Robertson explains that God’s just choosing the more merciful path:

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Law Professor Says Free Speech in the U.S. Goes Too Far, Wants to Criminalize Causing Hurt Feelings

Imagine a Christian law professor who doesn’t really like the First Amendment. That is, he wants to “rethink” it so that people who say harsh things about others can be fined or sent to jail. He believes that it’s about time to cut America’s 222-year-old free-speech law down to size, creating new exceptions that go far beyond accepted ones such as slander, libel, and incitement.

In placing limits on speech we privilege physical over emotional harm. Indeed, we have an entire legal system, and an attitude toward speech, that takes its cue from a nursery rhyme: “Stick and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me.”

The professor says that words can in fact wound deeply. He wants to alleviate the quiet suffering that people of faith, and others, must endure at the hands of columnists and cartoonists and bloggers and internet commenters.

Pain has a shared circuitry in the human brain, and it makes no distinction between being hit in the face and losing face (or having a broken heart) as a result of bereavement, betrayal, social exclusion and grave insult. Emotional distress can, in fact, make the body sick.

So… are you guilty of using language that promoted someone’s “social exclusion”? See you in court. Did you make someone lose face in a public argument? Pay up, bud, or else. After all:

We impose speed limits on driving and regulate food and drugs because we know that the costs of not doing so can lead to accidents and harm. Why should speech be exempt from public welfare concerns when its social costs can be even more injurious? In the marketplace of ideas, there is a difference between trying to persuade and trying to injure.

If the professor’s proposal to curtail the First Amendment became reality, anyone could now get sued who says or writes words that even one other person finds offensive to the point of causing “injury.” This blog, and a million others, on all sides of all kinds of issues, would have to start over, under a de facto government directive that none of us may write sharply or mockingly if readers anywhere in the United States’ jurisdiction could take offense.

Everything I wrote and quoted above is accurate. The law professor in question is Thane Rosenbaum (pictured), who teaches at Fordham University. He’s been working on a book called The High Price of Free Speech: Rethinking the First Amendment, and his let’s-gut-free-speech piece was just published by the Daily Beast.

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Memo to Cameron Franks: Wearing a Christian T-Shirt in Texas Doesn’t Make You Brave

Here’s something I’ve learned from years in the classroom: there’s nothing more entertaining than a high schooler who thinks he has a brilliant idea… when you know damn well it’s an awful one. It never gets old.

That’s what been happening at Rusk High School in Cherokee County, Texas, where one of the teachers had this poster hanging in the classroom:

Totally not okay. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the school (on behalf of a student) requesting they take it down, and the school complied.

And that’s when senior Cameron Franks decided to “take a stand” by making and selling t-shirts with a pro-Christian message on them:

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