After Decades of Giving a Religious Commencement Address, An Educator is Told He Can’t Participate at Graduation

Apparently, there’s some rule that says if you’re a nice guy, you don’t have to follow the law.

For decades, Coach Leon McCoy has been giving a speech at Winfield High School’s graduation ceremony (in West Virginia). The problem is that those speeches have been very religious, with references to his faith throughout. (One article cited him giving an “If I were allowed to pray” speech.)

After receiving enough complaints, the Putnam County Board of Education told him he won’t be giving a speech this year, and people who think tradition trumps the Constitution are freaking out:

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How I Made Ken Ham Angry

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why Creationist Ken Ham is angry with me:

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Rachel Maddow Explains the Problems with the Creation Museum’s Dinosaur Exhibit

Earlier tonight, Rachel Maddow shed light on the problem with the dinosaur exhibit at the Creation Museum and how taxpayers are funding a farce:

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I Don’t Think This Criminal Is Sincere…

In the world of Crock, the criminals take solace in their religious beliefs:

As Josh Fruhlinger explains:

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Another Gay Catholic School Teacher Fired; Another Inspiring Group of Students Rallying on His Behalf

Another day, another Catholic school employee fired for the crime of being married and gay:

Band director Flint Dollar, 32, had posted on his Facebook page that he plans to marry his male partner of six years this summer in Minnesota.

He said Thursday that officials at [Mount de Sales Academy] in Macon [Georgia] told him he was being fired because of that planned marriage.

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