Despite Warning, Florida Sheriff Will Deliver Another Sermon in Uniform This Weekend

Polk County (Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd is the guy who has no idea what the boundary lines are between church and state. He’s given government presents to local churches and delivered sermons at a local church in uniform.

A few days ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent Judd a formal letter of complaint warning him to stop his endorsement of religion while in his position as Sheriff.

So guess what he’s done now?

He signed up to deliver another sermon in uniform at Fellowship Church in Lakeland:

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London’s High Court Says Jehovah’s Witness Elders Failed to Protect Child from Sexual Abuse

When “C” was a little girl growing up in the UK, she was sexually abused multiple times by Jehovah’s Witnesses ministerial servant Peter Stewart. She wasn’t his only victim, either, and when the Watchtower Society found out, they simply stripped Stewart of his title without also revoking his access to children or turning him into the authorities.

So C’s abuse continued for another four years… until she hit the age of nine.

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Navy Officials Go to Court to Defend Their Rejection of Potential Humanist Chaplain

Jason Heap (below) wanted to become a chaplain in the U.S. Navy. He’s perfectly qualified for the position, too: He earned two master’s degrees (including one in divinity), passed his physicals, and completed the paperwork… but what he doesn’t have is the endorsement of a religious organization that’s currently approved by the Navy.

That’s because Heap’s endorsement comes from the Humanist Society.

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Great Advice for Ex-Muslims During Ramadan

Imtiaz Shams and Aliyah Saleem offer some excellent tips for ex-Muslims who may still be around their families during Ramadan but have no desire to participate in the religious tradition:

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It’s Like the Atheist Version of Ocean’s Eleven

It’s Yahweh’s birthday and he’s invited all the other Gods, past and present, to join Him in celebration!

But what he doesn’t realize is that a band of atheists led by Richard Dawkins is out to destroy them all…

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