Americans Love That Displays of Religion Are All Over the Super Bowl — As Long As It’s the Right Religion

Today, on Stupor Bowl Superb Owl Super Bowl Sunday, we learned via Hemant and the Christian Post that there are more than a dozen Bible verses that predict a Denver Broncos win — and that there are just as many that give the nod to the Seattle Seahawks.

We’ve also observed, courtesy of the Public Religion Research Institute, that 50% of Americans think God will determine the winner of the Super Bowl, and that half of the people in that group pray to God to guide their team to victory. (Amazingly, the Almighty is able to give roughly half of them exactly what they asked for!)

Noting the same survey, CJ Werleman at Alternet raises a good point. Believers have put their pro-prayer fingerprints all over the Super Bowl, CJ says.

Without a doubt. It’s hardly surprising; remember the generally positive response Tim Tebow got in his college days when he put Bible verses on his eye black?

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The Bible: Now with 75% Less Bible

Suppose you want to read the Bible… but you don’t really want to read the Bible. It’s long. It has a few too many “begats.” You don’t want to get bogged down by unnecessary details.

William Pocock has a solution for that. He condensed the Bible down to the good stuff and wrote it plain English. It’s called Bobo’s Bible:

In the excerpt below, we learn about the trouble with Cain and Abel:

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Another Jewish Infant in New York Contracts Herpes During Ultra-Orthodox Bris Featuring Mouth-to-Penis Contact

And again a metzitzah b’peh makes the news. As we’ve seen before, the procedure is carried out by unlicensed and unregulated mohels who, after cutting away the child’s foreskin and tearing the membrane with their fingernailsplace their mouths on the boy’s penis to suck away the blood.

Since 2000, metzitzah b’pehs have been responsible for at least thirteen cases of herpes transmission — including two resulting in the death of the child, and two more in which the boys suffered brain damage. (It’s not clear to me whether those numbers, released by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, are countrywide or New-York-only.)

Now there is another infant victim. From the Forward:

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Secular Australian Group Apologizes for Creationist Ken Ham

In anticipation of Tuesday’s debate between Creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Secular Coalition of Australia (SECOA) wants to send a message to Bill:

They’re sorry.

Really, really sorry.

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Photo Quiz: Can You Recognize These Five Signs of the Impending Apocalypse?

The always-droll team at Cracked worries about many sudden signs that the end times are finally here — including the polar vortex, heat waves, unprecedented Chinese smog, and dinosaur erotica.

Cracked’s Hillery Alley says that the apocalypse is upon us and produces five news reports (in addition to the four mentions above) that bolster her case.

I decided to turn it into a little quiz. The following five photos are associated with January news reports that would make Harold Camping wannabes do a little jig. Can you look at each photo and name the news event?

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