How Has Nobody Created This Product Yet?

Mike Hoey thinks entrepreneurs should really capitalize on products for the religious masses: [Read more...]

Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham on Gay Marriage: ‘Our Plumbing is Completely Different’

A video resurfaced this week of Christian evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham, son of the equally notorious (though possible co-opted) Billy Graham, being interviewed in November about his thoughts on marriage equality. As the battle for marriage rights heats up in states like Illinois, it might be worth revisiting some of the most common arguments against equality.

Watch the video below: [Read more...]

Conservative Christian: I’m All for Stopping Bullying, but Teaching LGBT Tolerance to Children Goes Too Far!

In Emily Bazelon‘s new book Sticks and Stones, she writes about the issue of bullying, why it’s a big deal now more than ever before, what bullying is and isn’t, etc. [Read more...]

Texas Republican Legislator: We Need More God and Ten Commandments Displays in Public Schools

Texas state Rep. Phil Stephenson knows his priorities:

Economy? Nah.

Ending the wars? Forget it.

Jesus? Of course!

Stephenson filed a resolution on Monday that would push God and the Ten Commandments into the state’s public schools: [Read more...]

@Pontifex Leaves Twitter Behind

When the Vatican established Pope Benedict XVI’s Twitter account as @Pontifex (rather than @BennyRatz or something more Ratzinger-specific) I thought it was a smart move. Individual popes come and go, but the office remains, and it remains relevant to his millions of followers, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. I envisioned a Twitter feed that would pass from pontiff to pontiff until some other networking tool inevitably pushed his tweets off the Internet’s collective radar.

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