Atheist Billboard with the Words “Easter” and “Church” Rejected in Nashville for Being Too “Aggressive”

American Atheists has its annual convention this Easter weekend in Memphis, Tennessee. As has been the group’s custom in recent years, they decided to purchase a couple of billboards to advertise the gathering. And this is what they wanted to put up:

Cute billboard! (You may remember that little girl from such previous billboards as this one.) As far as “aggressive” goes, this is pretty tame for American Atheists. They’re not attacking Christians, unless you consider disagreement with Christian beliefs an “attack.” Indeed, the billboard was approved in Memphis — you can see it on the road today.

But it was denied in Nashville, a few hours away. The company said AA couldn’t use the words “Easter” or “church” because they were somehow attacking Christianity.

So American Atheists tried again with this passive-aggressive adjustment:

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When Back Sides Touch: In Tennessee, Churchgoers Protest Swingers Club Moving In Close-By

A church in Madison, Tennessee, may be getting a new neighbor: a swingers club is hoping to move in close-by.

The club has operated at 700 Division St. but is looking to relocate to 520 Lentz Drive in Madison, adjacent to Goodpasture Christian School, where the back sides of the two properties touch.

And the congregants know that bad things will happen when back sides touch:

A community-wide prayer meeting held at the school Sunday appealed to God and community leaders to keep that from happening.

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Does Religion Make People Good? Of Course Not, Says Author of New Book

Barbara G. Walker, an author and past recipient of the American Humanist Association’s “Humanist Heroine Award,” has written quite a bit about the intersection of feminism and religion. And her latest collection of essays, Belief & Unbelief (Humanist Press, 2015), holds little back, dismantling many of the defenses we frequently hear about religion.

In the excerpt below (published without footnotes for ease of reading), Walker explains how religious belief doesn’t actually make you good:

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Serial Disrupter Christine Weick Strikes Again At Muslim Prayer in Oklahoma Capitol Building

Christine Weick is back. She’s been featured on this blog on several occasions — first for getting into an altercation about gay rights, then for trying to convince people that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil, and finally for disrupting an interfaith service involving Muslims (where she said God had made her “temporarily invisible” despite the fact that she’d been caught on camera).

What I appreciated about Weick was that she was so wonderfully erratic — you never knew what or where she would protest next in her shrill, cockamamie way. So I’m a little disappointed that she appears to be repeating herself with her latest action.

In Oklahama City last week,

The day began like it was planned for the more than 100 Muslims. But around 2 o’clock, as dozens of them knelt down to pray, a Christian protester shouted out the Lord’s prayer, seemingly trying to drown out the Muslim worshipers.

Guess who.

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Puerto Rican Atheists Are Receiving Threats Online After Their Activism Becomes More Public

A few days ago the American Atheists convention in Puerto Rico was announced with billboards around the island. (The convention will take place on August 21-23 at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino in Old San Juan.)

Just hours after this announcement was made in the local newspapers of the island, one of the organizing groups, Humanistas Seculares de Puerto Rico (Secular Humanists of Puerto Rico) started receiving death threats over social media.

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