These Two Charts Explain Why People Are Leaving Christianity in Droves

We know that LGBT equality is hindered by the religious majority, and we know that’s changing, but a new survey from the Pew Research Center makes that incredibly clear in this chart:

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Christian Writer: God Created Dinosaurs, Then Hid Them from Humanity So We’d All Be Safe

Offering the kind of hard-hitting journalism that right-wing website BarbWire is obviously known for, Lee Duigon explains his whole theory on dinosaurs.

Let’s just say “asteroid” never enters into his vocabulary…

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Jehovah’s Witness Leader to Crowd: Only Visit JW-Approved Websites or You’ll Be At “Spiritual Risk”

At a Jehovah’s Witnesses convention in Newburgh, New York last month, Governing Body member Anthony Morris III (who last year condemned skinny jeans and spanx) warned the audience that the Internet was a dangerous place because it just might shake their faith (1:53:10):

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Franklin Graham: Christians Should Boycott LGBT-Friendly Companies

Franklin Graham, the man who took his father’s legacy and used it to hurt people he deemed unworthy of his God’s love, went on Facebook to urge Christians to boycott LGBT-friendly companies.

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Evangelical Christian Leaders Are Taking Baby Steps Toward LGBT Acceptance

We know the culture is shifting on LGBT equality.

We also know Christians — certainly evangelicals — are being left in the dust as more people appreciate equality and want nothing to do with the sort of bigoted rhetoric you often hear from those pastors.

Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times has a fascinating look at how Christians are dealing with the rapid transformation of society, playing catch-up on the easiest moral issue of our time:

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