Dr. Ben Carson, Breaking the Irony Meter, Says He Doesn’t Want Ideologues in Public Office

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Dr. Ben Carson explained his views on everything from vaccine efficacy to Creationism. It’ll make your head explode if you let it.

The Republican Presidential candidate says he’s a Creationist, though not necessarily a Young Earth Creationist, as if that’s really any better. He accepts that vaccines work, though he thinks they could be administered on a more spaced out timetable, contrary to what experts say is healthy for babies.

But maybe the oddest thing he said involved who he wanted to see running for public office:

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Cayman Islands Legislator: “We Do Not Need An Atheist Chairing Our… Human Rights Commission”

In a move that sounds like something you’d expect to hear from Republicans in Congress, a Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly member is calling for the chairman of the territory’s Human Rights Commission to step down because he’s an atheist.

It all stems from when MLA Anthony Eden (below) and his colleagues said civil unions and gay marriages should shouldn’t be allowed in Cayman, bolstering their argument by equating homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia and even threatening violence against gay people in some cases.

Human Rights Commission Chairman James Austin-Smith responded by saying that rhetoric amounted to “poisonous hate speech.”

And now Eden wants Austin-Smith, an atheist, to step down:

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Tomorrow’s Google Doodle Honors the Discovery of “Lucy,” Our Ancient Ancestor

The front page of Google tomorrow will feature this Doodle, bound to give Creationists a collective aneurysm:

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At Religious Right Event in Iowa, Carly Fiorina Claims “People of Faith Make Better Leaders”

At the “Presidential Family Forum” in Iowa Friday night, Carly Fiorina pandered to the Republican base by throwing non-religious Americans under the bus, claiming that faith was a necessary quality in a President:

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Chemotherapy Shrank a Baby’s Brain Tumor, but Pope Francis is Getting All the Credit

Just weeks after Gianna Masciantonio was born, doctors discovered she had an inoperable brain tumor. It must have been devastating for her parents, Joe and Kristen, but they did what any parents would have done: They put her in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and let doctors do anything in their power to save her. And there’s finally some good news!

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