Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection Book Free on Amazon

Several years ago, Kris Komarnitsky wrote a book questioning what happened between Jesus’ crucifixion and his supposed resurrection. Was there an explanation that didn’t require invoking anything supernatural?

The Kindle version of that book, Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box?, is currently available for free on Amazon:

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Ken Ham Responds to the Secular 10 Commandments… with the Bible

After Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham heard of the Secular 10 Commandments contest that recently wrapped up, he put out a devastating response on the Answers in Genesis website. And it’s sure to sway any wayward non-believers who chance upon it, because he’s unleashed the big guns: the Bible!

He begins by comparing the atheists involved to the Devil (not even joking here):

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Conservative Columnist Seriously Wonders Why Christians Are Turning Into Atheists

Sometimes, Christian journalists miss the elephant in the room with their stories. Like this one in Charisma Magazine asking “Why Are So Many Christians Turning Into Atheists?

Speaking of pastor-turned-atheist Ryan Bell, editor Jennifer LeClaire (above) writes:

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After Plagiarism Charges, Atheist Blogger Removed from Freethought Blogs Network

After the overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting rampant plagiarism on his site, Avicenna Last has been removed from Freethought Blogs.

Ed Brayton explains:

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Christian Megachurch Pastor Casually Says “Nigga” During Christmas Eve Sermon

I know Christian pastors aren’t coming to this site for advice on how to give sermons, but I’ll go ahead and toss this little nugget out there:

Don’t say the word “Nigga” in a sermon.

Especially not when you’re a white pastor trying to sound hip. During a presumably crowded Christmas Eve service. In South Carolina.

Especially not after you just explained to your congregation (at the 28:20 mark) that your wife, who has a black-sounding name, is really white (“I have to say that because we have new people [in the church]”)… because that’s a clarification that you really need to make.

In other words, don’t do what NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble did:

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