Virginia Pastor Lies About Being a Navy SEAL, but Gets Caught Thanks to His Own Stupidity

On Wednesday, after a convocation at Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty University, an Army Infantry veteran noticed another military man in the arena and asked him a few questions on camera. After all, it’s not every day you meet someone so decorated. (Liberty is a Christian school, which I assume explains the vertical video…)

The man introduced himself as Mark Joston, a former Navy SEAL with four purple hearts and multiple other honors who also worked with the CIA’s “special operations division.” Any one of those things is an impressive credential. Several of them? Unbelievable.

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Christian Website Says Obama is Now “Forcing Girls to Share Showers With Boys”

Let’s play a game.

It’s called “How many lies can Christians tell in a single headline?”

Your turn:

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Four Women Tortured in Papua New Guinea After Being Accused of (Literally) Stealing a Man’s Heart

In a horrific story coming out of Papua New Guinea, four women were allegedly tortured with machetes after being accused of witchcraft.

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Despite What a Hate Group Leader Says, FFRF Isn’t the “Atheist Taliban”

Sen. Ted Cruz and the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins have both used the phrase “atheist Taliban” to describe the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

It’s an irresponsible and false comparison… which isn’t too surprising, I guess, coming from the leader of a hate group.

But just to make clear why FFRF is not like the Taliban, attorney Andrew Seidel made this helpful chart:

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31% of Americans Reject Evolution, According to New Report

Most of the headlines regarding a new report from the Pew Research Center involve the conflict (or lack thereof) between science and religion.

If you’re not a frequent churchgoer (*waves hello*), you probably think there’s a conflict. But if you go to church often, you’re more likely to find ways to reconcile science with your religious beliefs.

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