When Will Facebook Give Us 50 Options for Religious Preference?

Considering Facebook now has more than 50 different options for gender identity, it’s only a matter of time before they do the same for specific religious preferences…

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Man With 14-Inch ‘Tail’ of Back Hair Is Reincarnated Monkey God, Indian Worshipers Believe

In India, reincarnations of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, have been proliferating like shopping-mall Santas. The latest example: Chandre Orean, 35, from West Bengal, who gives daily blessings to devotees in a small shrine at his home. He and Hanuman are totally like twins:

Why do throngs of Hindus flock to Orean? Because he has cultivated a 14.5-inch tuft of hair that grows, Hanuman-like, from the bottom of his spine. Touching it is thought to bestow good luck (but do avoid fingering the dingleberries).

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Pro-Life Atheist Speaks to College Group, but Not Without Some Controversy

Last week, atheist Kelsey Hazzard, who runs the group Secular Pro-Life, was scheduled to speak at the University of Georgia to the members of Students for Life about the secular case against abortion.

Which apparently left vandals in a state of confusion because it’s not very often that the worlds of atheism and abortion collide in this way. I’m not sure if it was the Christian side or pro-choice side that was more upset about it, but someone felt compelled enough to destroy the posters:

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That Old Time Religion: Was 16th-Century Writer Christopher Marlowe an Atheist — and Was He Murdered For It?

This month, the Marlowe Theater in Canterbury, England, marks the 450th birthday of the man it was named after: playwright Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of William Shakespeare. The theater will put on some of Marlowe’s greatest works, including Faustus and the Jew Of Malta.

Marlowe was probably a government spy before he turned to writing, and all his life he enjoyed hanging out with characters of ill repute, including brawlers and swindlers. He was once arrested on suspicion of having tried to counterfeit coins, a capital offense, but nothing came of the accusation.

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This is a Powerful Way to Combat a Christian Speaker at Your University

Last week, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias spoke at the University of Pennsylvania. The event, sponsored by local Pastor Aaron Campbell and not a campus Christian group, had been in the works for years.

How would you respond to that even if you were an atheist on campus?

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