Center For Inquiry Opens Humanists Orphans Center in Kenya

The Center For Inquiry affiliate in Kenya has a really wonderful project to help “vulnerable children living in disadvantaged areas to make them realize their potential” — and it just grew bigger with the opening of the Humanist Orphans Center:

CFI-Kenya’s Executive Director George Ongere explains what they were doing before and what’s happening now:

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Bill Maher’s Interview with Muslim Feminist Asra Nomani Was Fascinating

On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher interviewed Muslim feminist Asra Nomani (author of Standing Alone).

Topic of conversation? Why liberals (of all people) have such a hard time admitting that religion is a major part of the problem when it comes to terrorists killing in the name of it and advancing policies that specifically hurt women.

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Atheist Activist is (Again) Charged with Putting Stickers on Ohio Courthouse’s Church Directory

A year ago, I posted about a message board encased in glass outside the Athens County Courthouse (in Ohio) that listed the addresses of all the houses of worship in the area.

Eliot Kalman, a resident who used to head up the local branch of the ACLU, believed the presence of that sign was unconstitutional… he complained about it to local officials but they responded by saying they were simply providing information to the public, not promoting any of the religious groups — and that he could request his own group be added to the list if he wanted. Unsatisfied with that answer, he fought back by putting a giant sticker on the board:

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Paris Under Siege in Apparent Terrorist Attacks

As I write this, there are multiple terrorist attacks going on in Paris, with several dozen dead and many more currently being held hostage in the Bataclan theater.

It’s unclear if these attacks are linked with the Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year, though initial reports suggest suicide bombs.

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After Appeal, Massachusetts Pastafarian Gets to Wear Colander in Drivers License Picture

You can argue that people who want to wear a colander on their heads for driver’s license pictures are just trolling the government, but followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster do raise some interesting questions: When should the government be allowed to say your religion doesn’t count? What separates a parody religion from a real religion? And if someone says she’s an adherent of a particular religion, why should government officials be allowed to say otherwise?

When Lindsay Miller, a Pastafarian, wanted to wear the colander for her driver’s license picture in Massachusetts, she was rejected at first. It wasn’t until the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center and other cooperating attorneys stepped in that the situation was resolved:

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