School District Will Remove Ten Commandments Monument from Property (Even If They Don’t Have To)

Last month, we learned the fate of a Ten Commandments monument that had been outside Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania since 1957:

You can read a longer history here, but the short version is that a judge ruled that the monument’s placement outside a public school was unconstitutional. It was an endorsement of religion, plain and simple.

However, because the student whose family filed the lawsuit no longer attended the school — that happens when these cases drag on for years — it was all moot. Therefore, there was no obligation for the Connellsville Area School District to remove the monument.

So it was an incomplete victory. On paper, church/state separation groups got everything they wanted… but nothing really changed. It would take another student (and perhaps a quicker legal process) to force the monument to come down.

That’s why I’m thrilled to see the Connellsville Area school directors do the right thing (finally).

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In Classy Speech, High School Student Thanks Administrators for Approving His Atheist Club

For a while now, Thomas Sheedy has been trying to start a Secular Student Alliance group at Ward Melville High School in New York. He was planning to attend last night’s School Board meeting to make his case for the club, but the day before that, he got word that his atheist club had been approved. Success!

Sheedy attended the School Board meeting anyway. But he ditched his prepared speech and gave a new one, thanking the administrators for making the right decision:

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Tennessee Store Owner with “No Gays Allowed” Sign on Door is Now Selling Anti-Gay Merchandise

You may recall that Jeff Amyx, owner of Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in East Tennessee, posted a signed on his door over the summer saying “No Gays Allowed.” After a lot of backlash, he temporarily changed the sign in hopes he’d come off a tad less dickish… but it looks like he’s back to the old one now.

What’s really sad is how much worse things have gotten ever since. Not only is Amyx selling anti-gay merchandise, they’re flying off the shelves:

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The Carmichael Show‘s Season Finale Featured a Black Woman Coming Out as Agnostic

I wasn’t thrilled with the promo for comedian Jerrod Carmichael‘s new NBC show when I first saw it, but I’m kind of hoping the show gets renewed after seeing how his team has tackled some serious issues.

The final episode of the season, which aired last night, revolved around Jerrod’s girlfriend Maxine not joining the family (and the pastor they invited to dinner) in prayer. They had the sort of dialogue you rarely hear on network television:

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For Harvard Freshmen, Non-Religious Students Outnumber Christians

For the past few years, Harvard University’s newspaper, The Crimson, has asked incoming freshman to fill out a survey in order to assess various demographic trends.

It’s not scientific (70% of freshmen responded and it was all voluntary), but it’s still fascinating for anyone who loves to crunch numbers. Last year, they reported that a third of the incoming class were atheists (16.4%) or Agnostic (19.2%).

This year, it got a little more godless:

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