UK-Based Scout Association Will Soon Allow Atheists to Join

Just a week after Girlguiding UK announced a revision to their Promise, allowing openly non-religious girls to join without a problem, another organization is following in their footsteps.

The UK-based Scout Association looks like they’re reversing course as well… kind of:

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Why Should Only Churches Have Signs? How One Man Found New Friends With a Blackboard and Some Chalk

Since the long-gone days of the Burma-Shave billboard, the art of putting up ever-changing public messages on roadside signs has been largely left to churches. Church signs frequently display aphorisms, quotes, and announcements, and some of them can be pretty funny. I can’t help reading them whenever I pass by.

But why give churches the monopoly on entertaining signs? What’s preventing you or me from putting up a sign with our message of the day?

That’s what Ayden Byle thought. A couple of months ago, he was a newcomer to Toronto’s Cedarvale neighborhood. He didn’t know anyone there. But he made friends quickly after he got noticed by a lot of people who walked or drove by his house.

It was because of his sign.

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New Poll Shows That 38% of British Youth Don’t Believe in a God

An astonishing new poll from YouGov shows that British youth (ages 18-24) are rejecting religion at levels we’ve never seen before:

When asked if they believe in God, only 25% say they do. 19% believe in some non-Godlike “spiritual greater power” and a further 38% believe in no God or spiritual power whatsoever.

Only a quarter of British youth believe in a God! That’s an incredibly low number, and it’s only slightly higher than the percentage of youth who are “spiritual but not religious.”

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What Secular Groups Are Saying About the Supreme Court Rulings

Below is a compilation of graphics and press releases released by various atheist, Humanist, and pro-church/state separation groups:

Foundation Beyond Belief:

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Supreme Court Denies Standing in Prop 8 Case, Same-Sex Marriages May Resume in California

In its second gay rights case of the day, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to dismiss an appeal of Proposition 8 on standing. The decision of the Ninth Circuit Court striking down Prop 8 was “vacated and remanded,” meaning same-sex couples in California will once again have the right to marry — but marriage equality is not newly legalized anywhere else.

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