The Pale Blue Dot Looks Enormous on This Scale

Forget Powers of Ten.

This is *so* much cooler than that:

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Montgomery (Louisiana) Officials Receive Warning Not to Promote Christianity in Future Holiday Celebrations

Last week, I posted about a peculiar posting on the Facebook page for the town of Montgomery, Louisiana. It was for their annual Christmas celebration and featured a possibly-illegal tagline:

As I asked then: Why is the city not-so-subtly talking about how it’ll make sure this is a Christian celebration? Are non-Christians not allowed to participate in the event? What kind of “Fellowship” are they talking about? And why is the banner image for the celebration a great big Nativity scene?

This was an event better suited for a church, not city hall.

Yesterday, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a warning letter to the mayor and city council members.

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The Knights of Columbus Has Given Millions of Dollars to Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, and Anti-Science Groups

The Catholic fraternal organization Knights of Columbus has a wide reputation for volunteering and charitable giving. I know it might come as a shock that a religious organization named after famed humanitarian Christopher Columbus isn’t entirely the force for good that it’s often believed to be, but brace yourself. This article by Think Progress’ Josh Israel on the topic reveals some pretty unpalatable behavior from the Knights.

It’s the typically archaic stuff you’d expect from a conservatively Catholic group with deep pockets — not surprising for an organization that Pope John Paul II referred to as the “strong right arm of the Church.” Still, it’s probably not what comes to mind when many think of the Knights of Columbus: like, for instance, spending millions to oppose LGBT equality, stem cell research, abortion access, etc.

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Chicago Atheist Group’s Billboard Stating “I Put My Faith in Science” Deemed Offensive, Moved to New Location

Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Chicago chapter put up 11 billboards throughout the city. One of them, featuring local musician Alan Wagner, read “I put my faith in science.”

Apparently, that was so offensive to the people who own the space the billboard is on, that it’s been moved to a new location:

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The Satanic Temple’s Display Has Been Vandalized Just One Day After Going Up in the Florida State Capitol Building

As we know by now, the Florida State Capitol Building is home to a Nativity scene, a Festivus Pole, an atheist banner, and a display from The Satanic Temple:

But just like that, a day after it went up, The Satanic Temple’s display has already been vandalized:

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