Catholic Priest in Hot Water After Lying About Hidden Camera in Church Bathroom

This past April, a 15-year-old boy went into the bathroom at St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood, Oregon, and noticed something weird

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“By His Grace” Is a Christian Photo Studio That Just Got Outed For Shameless Image Theft

Disclosure: From mid spring through the fall, photography takes up the bulk of my time and ultimately provides 75 to 80 percent of my annual income. I’ve been a professional photographer for ten years now.

Given my métier, I have pretty strong feelings about people who market themselves as photographers but are so devoid of clients, chops, and originality that they are reduced to passing off the work of others as their own. I know: You wouldn’t think such pitiful miscreants exist in the age of Google Image Search and Tin Eye (’cause chances are, they’ll be found out!), but it’s true: there are hundreds, possibly thousands of fauxtographers out there who think nothing of stealing the work of more successful colleagues. These plunderers post the images online and falsely claim ownership to try and book jobs.

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Puerto Rican Police Set Up Road Block to Proselytize to Drivers, According to Atheist Group’s Complaint

Have you ever been driving and come across a police road block? Maybe there’s an accident up ahead, or they’re doing surprise sobriety checks on all drivers.

In Puerto Rico last week, drivers in Barceloneta City came across one of those blocks. You won’t believe what happened when they stopped:

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It’s Meditation Without the New-Age Nonsense

If all meditation was like this, maybe I’d finally give it a try:

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A Church That Finally Gets It!

If only this disclaimer appeared on all their materials, too…

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