Teens Will Totes Relate to a Bible Written Like This

Mallory Ortberg at The Toast replaced the words “Thou Shalt Not” in the Bible with “can u not”… and the whole book instantly became more relatable:

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The Facts About How Vaccines Work

Here’s an excellent cartoon guide to how vaccines work by Maki Naro:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 35: Max Temkin, Co-Creator of Cards Against Humanity

Our latest podcast guest is Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, the “party game for horrible people.”

What began as a game Max played with his friends soon became a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011, and it has turned into one of the most popular and entertaining (and sometimes controversial) card games today.

We spoke with Max about how he and the writers determine when a card has crossed the line, what the process is like for coming up with new cards, his involvement with Barack Obama‘s U.S. Senate campaign, and the glitch that took place during the Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa.

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Ohio Resident Plans to Make Next Year’s Zombie Nativity Scene Even More of a Spectacle

Last week, we learned that Ohio resident Jasen Dixon had put up a Zombie-themed Nativity scene at his home, only to have to take it down because it violated local ordinances about size and location of such displays. (I’m sure the city cracked down on traditional Christian displays, too…)

Well, with everything he’s learned this year, Dixon wants to make next year’s Nativity scene bigger and bigger — and perfectly compliant with the law. To that end, he’s started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the project:

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Winston Churchill’s Family Feared That He Would Convert To Islam

A century ago, was Sir Winston Churchill itching to commit his life to Allah? The great British leader has always seemed like a grounded, even skeptical man, but recently-unearthed correspondence suggests that he flirted with Orientalism and Islam to such a degree that some family members feared he would become a Muslim.

The family of Sir Winston Churchill urged him to “fight against” the desire to convert to Islam, a newly discovered letter has revealed. …

In a letter dated August 1907 Churchill’s soon to be sister-in-law wrote to him: “Please don’t become converted to Islam … If you come into contact with Islam your conversion might be effected with greater ease than you might have supposed, call of the blood, don’t you know what I mean, do fight against it.”

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