Two Muslim Students Caned for Being in “Close Proximity” to Each Other

Two university students were caned outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, Indonesia for the offense of being “seen in close proximity” to each other while not being married.

“Khalwat,” which is the term for Muslims who are unmarried, non-relatives, and of the opposite sex who are in close proximity of each other, is punishable under Sharia law. I couldn’t find the specific measurement of “close proximity,” so your guess is as good as mine.

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Pastors Gone Wild: The Hoverboard Craze Comes to Church

What in God’s name is going on in church these days? It used to be that you’d go to church and listen to your pastor give a really boring sermon while you’d fight to keep your eyes open.

These days you go to church and your pastor is zipping through the congregation on a hoverboard — still giving a really boring sermon.

Now you can’t look away. You begin to question if this level of swagger is an abomination. Is it too flashy? But as you raise an eyebrow, suspicious there’s a danger in upstaging Jesus, your pastor jets past you in a neon blue flash, setting into motion a breeze that tickles your arm hairs like angel whispers. Before coming to a halt at the pulpit, he does a double-360 and receives a standing ovation, “Satan who?! Praise Jesus! This church is AWESOME!”

Okay, so this probably isn’t your church, and not just because you’re atheists.

But here are three churches that have made the hoverboard dream a reality:

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BuzzFeed’s “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” Statements Should Be Obvious to Most Viewers

A BuzzFeed video called “I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…” is already generating tons of views (and comments). It features several atheists responding to the most frequent stereotypes leveled against us:

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Purported ISIS Document Reveals Rules for How to Rape Slaves in Accordance with Sharia Law

The Islamic State wants to make sure its members are treating enslaved women right. Which is to say: They can be raped, but it has to be done in accordance with Sharia Law.

According to reporters at Reuters, theologians working with the terrorist organization issued a list of “rules” for how this can be done after they saw violations taking place. And if you reread that sentence, you’ll realize how messed up our world is. Their interpretation of the Qur’an permits rape, but only if done correctly.

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New York Times Magazine Covers Plight of Threatened Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers

Joshua Hammer, writing for the New York Times Magazine, is the latest journalist to tackle the plight of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh. The scariest passage may be this one about Asif Mohiuddin, who was attacked by terrorists in 2013:

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