Target Makes a “Troll” Facebook Post of Its Own After Gender Neutrality Controversy

Did Target just tip its hat to the man who trolled their Facebook page earlier this week?

On Wednesday, we posted about how Mike Melgaard, a self described troll, took it upon himself to play customer service agent following the conservative outrage over Target ditching gender segregation in their toy and bedding aisles.

Mike, a.k.a. “Ask ForHelp,” posed as the retailer and created quite a comedic stir while shutting down the haters.

Shortly after Mike’s stunt went viral, Target posted this on Facebook:

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Here’s a Map of Every Creationist “Museum” in the United States

Maybe you were thinking, “I want to take my family on a road trip, but I don’t want my kids to learn anything…”

Don’t worry! This map of all the Creationist museums around the country (and beyond) should help you plan your journey:

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Kentucky Newspaper Blasts Liberty Counsel for Defending Clerk Who Won’t Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

It’s not often you read such a blistering editorial against the Religious Right, much less in Kentucky, so enjoy this one in the Lexington Herald-Leader. It comes in response to Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her faith, and calls out the Christian legal defense group that has her back for no good reason:

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Turkish Atheists Give Soup to the Homeless Every Week

In 2014, the first physical building dedicated to atheism opened up in Turkey. But the obstacles have come one after another since then. A court order blocked their website earlier this year, and death threats have led to the installation of a panic button in their building that directly connects to the local police.

None of that, however, has stopped the atheists from acting on their Humanism. Case in point: their weekly hot soup giveaways for the homeless:

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Televangelist Who Says the Smurfs Are Satanic Organizes March for Jesus

Later today, in Augusta (Georgia), there will be a March for Jesus taking place. (Because Jesus doesn’t know you exist unless you walk single file.)

And you know it’s serious because one of the organizers is religious broadcaster Dorothy Spaulding, best known for explaining how the Smurfs are satanic:

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