Why an Atheist “Facing Oblivion” is Optimistic About Life

J. D. Brucker has written books about why Christian beliefs fail and why religion itself is a problem.

His latest book, though, is far more introspective. It’s called Facing Oblivion: Essays on Life, Death and Grieving from a Nonbeliever (Atheist Republic, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Brucker explains why the absence of an afterlife doesn’t damper his spirit:

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A Sick Baby Got a Little Better After Being Held by Pope Francis, but It’s Hardly a Miracle

Lynn Cassidy‘s daughter was born last year with Down syndrome, problems with her eyes and ears, and two holes in her heart. Not knowing what else to do, Cassidy and her husband took a trip to Rome last Easter hoping to see Pope Francis and get his blessing. It worked. By standing in the right place in St. Peter’s Square, they managed to get an audience with the Pope:

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How Non-Believers Can Make the Most of Religious Services

Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or all of the above, there’s a good chance you’ll end up attending a religious ceremony at some point. You might be forced (or pressured) to go to church or temple by your family, or asked to go to some other religious event to support a friend, but attending these services doesn’t have to a bad experience. It all depends on your perspective.

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Virginia School District Under Fire from Teacher After Christian Convocation Prayer

Earlier this year in Virginia, the Portsmouth Public Schools held a “back-to-school convocation” that included students singing, city leaders giving speeches, and a chaplain who delivered a Christian prayer (8:50 in the video below):

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House Speaker John Boehner to Resign, but That’s Not Necessarily Good News

Rep. John Boehner is out. The Speaker of the House of Representatives since 2011 announced today that he will resign in October. Why? Well, that’s up for debate.

Some speculate that his closed-door meeting with the Pope yesterday might have had something to do with it. Following the visit, the devout Catholic proclaimed he had “nothing left to accomplish,” but it’s likely far more than that.

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