An Awful List of ’7 Things That Prove God Is Real’

Writing for Charisma, J. Lee Grady has a list of 7 things that prove God is real.

Seven?! And they PROVE God is real?! Man, this list should be really good. (Hell, I only need one reason!) But let’s see how he plans to convince atheists he’s right…

1) Babies

How can anyone deny the reality of God when they see a baby?

I’ll just let The Onion rebut this one

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Atheist Initially Denied U.S. Citizenship Due to Her Secular Ethics Gets Decision Reversed & Will Take Oath Soon

Last month, non-religious Californian Adriana Ramirez, a legal immigrant, applied for U.S. citizenship… but she was rejected after officials read her response to the question about whether she would bear arms for our country (in the event of a war):

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Yep, That’s Usually How Science vs. Religion Debates Go

(via The Far Left Side)

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The Joys of Interfaith Dialogue

It’s all open for discussion… except for certain sensitive topics:

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This April, Richard Dawkins Will Be Promoting His New Film in These U.S. Cities

This April, Richard Dawkins will be back in the U.S. for a tour to promote his movie (with Lawrence Krauss) The Unbelievers. He’ll be appearing in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Columbus (Ohio) and you can get your tickets here.

Sure, just skip over Chicago, why don’t you…

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