This City’s Police Chief is Openly Breaking the Law by Allowing a Cross on Government Property

In Searcy, Arkansas, home of (private Christian school) Harding University, there’s a cross sitting just outside the local Police Department that was supposedly put there by a local Methodist church last year. It’s a promotion of Christianity that Police Chief Jeremy Clark sees absolutely nothing wrong with:

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Fox Business News Guest Says Satanists ‘Should be Shot’ Right Next to Their Monument

They were discussing the Satanic Temple’s proposed monument on Fox Business News a few days ago — because Fox doesn’t do business news correctly, either — when guest Bernard McGuirk said something crazy:

“They should be able to put the statue up, and then they should be shot right next to it, and then we take it down.”

Alan Colmes at least responded to that comment, though I felt he downplayed it, but the other panelists (and the host) just ignored it. (They were too busy complaining about how the monument is promoting “evil” and is somehow “anti-Christian” — both of which are untrue, according to every single article ever about the monument.)

How could the panel and host just let a comment like that slide?!

I guess they think Jesus approves of killing those who hold views with which you disagree.

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Afghan Ex-Muslim Is Reportedly the First Atheist To Receive Asylum in Britain On Religious Grounds

An Afghan man is probably the first atheist ever to receive asylum in the U.K. for religious reasons. The British Home Office agreed to let him stay indefinitely after it accepted that he could face persecution in Afghanistan for having abandoned his Islamic faith.

From The Independent:

Although he was brought up a Muslim, since living in the UK he has gradually turned away from it and is now an atheist.

His lawyers argued that their client’s forced return to Afghanistan

could result in a death sentence under Sharia law as an “apostate” — someone who has abandoned their religious faith — unless he remained silent about his atheist beliefs.

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What Should Atheists Parents Do When Their Child Wants to Get Baptized?

In a piece for the Guardian, James Harrington writes about he and his wife — both atheists — send their daughter to a local (French) Catholic school known for its high-quality education. They don’t mind the once-a-week catechism classes because, to them, the benefits of the school far outweigh the time their girl spends getting indoctrinated, but now there’s a slight problem: the daughter wants to get baptized.

Here’s what I appreciate. They may be a bit taken aback by that, but they’re not going to stop her. In fact, they’re proud that she made such an important decision like that for herself:

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I’ll Be Closing the Fundraiser for the Pastor ‘Trying Out’ Atheism in a Few Days

Just a heads up: I plan to close the fundraiser for Pastor Ryan Bell Friday night. You’ve already raised $27,000, which is just incredible. I’ll mail him the check next week. Bell has assured me he’ll be transparent with how he uses it and he’s deeply appreciative of the support he’s received from our community.

In the meantime, CNN’s Daniel Burke asked several prominent atheists what they thought of Bell’s experiment to explore atheism for a year… and got a wide variety of responses about whether or not that was even possible:

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