Do Religious Texts Have Meaning on Their Own?

YouTuber Counter Arguments debunks Reza Aslan‘s argument that religious texts have no meaning until people interpret them according to views they already hold. In other words, religion itself is never the problem… even if holy books say things like infidels must die.

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Ray Comfort Performs the Banana Argument for a Christian Audience

You thought Ray Comfort introduced the Banana Argument Against Atheism in that classic video with Kirk Cameron?

Nope. He’s been pushing that idea for a loooooong time:

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Alarming Reports of Global Plague of Fact-Resistant Humans

Somehow we neglected to bring you this breaking news from earlier this year from Andy Borowitz at the New Yorker. Because of the gravity of the situation, we correct that now:

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Christian Alternative Schools Are Getting Taxpayer Funding in Indiana

The Crossing, a group of private schools in Indiana, has provided a lot of beneficial services for students across the state who had either dropped out of their more traditional schools or were expelled. Those kids were given a second chance and many graduates will attest to the incredible amount of support they received from Crossing-affiliated teachers.

Sounds great… until you realize the Crossing is a Christian organization that’s supported by a lot of taxpayer funding.

Shaina Cavazos, writing for Chalkbeat, sheds more light on the controversial group:

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Despite Lawsuit Threat, High School Football Coach Says He Will Pray with Players

Washington State’s Bremerton High School has been in the news for the past month because assistant football coach Joe Kennedy was leading his team in prayer after games (that’s him standing up on the left side of the picture below) until he finally got called out on it. At least that’s what I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, the District investigated the issue. While nobody was punished for any wrongdoing, officials reminded the public that “neither Kennedy nor any other staff member interacting with students may engage in religious expression, including prayer.”

That should have taken care of everything.

But that was before Liberty Counsel got involved.

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