Mr. Deity and the Shellfish Gene? Ken Ham’s Not Laughing

Recently, Mr. Deity bumped into Richard Dawkins. It was a case of mistaken identity, but no one’s perfect — not even God — and the results really were quite funny. At least, I thought so.

Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham was less amused. In a response to the video, Ham spends some time explaining that the video is “very” and “clearly” mocking faith. There’s more to it than that, but let’s not quibble: so far, he’s off to a decent start.

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A 10-Hour Walk Through Paris Wearing a Yarmulke Yields… Not Very Much in the Way of Overt Discrimination, Actually

Was I watching the same viral video as the writer for the New Zealand Herald did?

Zvika Klein, a reporter for Jewish news outlet NRG, silently walked in the city for ten hours wearing a kippah — also known as a yarmulke — on his head and a tzitzit (knotted ritual tassels). … He spent a day in Paris with a bodyguard while photographer Dov Belhassen documented the day using a GoPro camera hidden in his backpack. …

And the shocking hidden camera footage shows antisemitism is rife in the French capital as he is seen harassed and intimidated.

I don’t doubt that anti-Semitism, especially by Muslims, is very real, and it shocks the conscience. It took me no time at all to remember the murder of a rabbi and three young schoolchildren in Toulouse three years ago; and of course there was last month’s terrorist bloodbath that claimed the lives of four Jews at a kosher Paris deli. Last July, pro-Palestine demonstrators in Paris repeatedly attacked Jewish shops and a synagogue, while chanting “Gas the Jews.” Hateful graffiti is frequently spray-painted on Jewish property in France, from cars to gravesites.

But the negative moments that Klein experiences during his 10-hour walk, which he distilled into a 90-second YouTube summary, are by themselves hardly enough to make the case that anti-Semitism is “rife” in France. Most of the interactions are ambiguous; the perceived insults opaque and even a little mystifying; and it’s rarely even clear whether the sentence snippets caught by the microphone are directed at Klein, or happen to be part of some street-tough dialog between bystanders.

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GOP Congressman: The Problem with America’s Fight Against ISIS is That They Believe in God More Strongly Than We Do

According to Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), the problem with our nation’s fight against ISIS is that our enemies love God, and we don’t love God enough, and God’s gonna decide who wins this war. Therefore, #ChristianNation and #BiblesEverywhere.

Something like that.

I’m sure it makes sense to conservatives, but all I’m hearing is “Our God has a bigger dick than their God, so let’s show them!”

Yoho made the comments on Newsmax to host J.D. Hayworth and guest Michael Flanagan, both of whom used to serve in Congress:

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Two Men Were Stabbed After Giving the Wrong Answer To “Are You Muslim?” Guess How the Media Responded

I wonder if a crime like this will prompt editorial writers and much of the Twittersphere to ask whether Muslims “pose a threat to civil society.” Or whether the pundits will publish headlines that say “This should be a wake-up call to Muslims.”

Of course not. They would never (and they’d be right). But are atheists written about that way? Actually, yes. Yes, we are. Isn’t that an interesting difference?

The stabbings of two people at a Detroit-area bus stop began with what police said was a simple question: Are you Muslim?

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New York Rabbi Mendel Epstein Goes on Trial For Running a Divorce Racket Involving Kidnappings and Cattle Prods

Jewish gets — divorce decrees that, after a marriage fails, can only be provided by the husband — have been the subject of much controversy and even violent crime for years. A woman cannot get remarried under Jewish law unless she can produce a get. But after a marriage goes bad, husbands often withhold the prized document out of spite; or they use it as a bargaining chip in child-custody or alimony disputes. To spur them into compliance, a little extrajudicial persuasion (read: violence, or the threat thereof) may have to be applied.

In 2013, a Brooklyn rabbi named Mendel Epstein was arrested for having organized, in exchange for a king’s ransom, the kidnapping and torture of men who wouldn’t otherwise agree to their wives’ requests for a get.

Two years earlier, New Jersey rabbi David Wax and his wife Judy had been nabbed for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting an Israeli national from whom they were trying to extract a get. The prosecution said that the Waxes administered hours of beatings, breaking the man’s nose; and that they showed their victim a body bag, promising that they would bury him alive if he did not do as instructed.

Epstein and his thugs — including his son David — are now facing the music in secular court.

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