What’s the Most Difficult Biblical Contradiction for Christian Apologists to Reconcile?

That’s it. That’s the question I’m trying to answer. We know there are a *ton* of contradictions in the Bible and Christian apologists love to rationalize them all away… but some of them have to be harder than others.

So which contradictions are the most difficult to reconcile?

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Stage Comedian Behind ‘Come Heckle Christ’ Faces Censorship Demands From Australian Christians

In a little over two weeks, Josh Ladgrove will take the stage at Adelaide Fringe, an annual open-access arts festival, and piss off tons of people who aren’t even there. In fact, he’s already started doing just that. That’s because the Melbourne comedian, who bears a passing resemblance to Western depictions of Jesus Christ, is scheduled to perform three shows in which he appears before the audience dressed as the Savior and sticky-taped to a cardboard crucifix.

Then, he invites audience members to heckle him on any subject, never knowing where those who oblige will direct him with their taunts and insults.

The title of the always-changing performance? Come Heckle Christ.

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Sacrilege! London’s South Bank University Bans Student Posters Honoring the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Last week, jittery representatives of the student’s union at London’s South Bank University removed atheist posters featuring the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) — and initially lied about the reason, according to the British website politics.co.uk.

The posters had been put up at a Freshers’ Fair (a new-student orientation event) by a secular student group, the South Bank Atheist Society.

Union officials at the London South Bank University removed the posters from the society’s stall overnight and then barred representatives from printing off more, citing the visibility of Adam’s genitals as offensive.

Right. Because we all know that Leonardo da Vinci, whose depiction of Adam (taken from his Sistine Chapel masterpiece) we’re talking about here, was an infamous pornographer who gave Adam a massive erection (topped only by the holy boner of Jesus).

Oh, wait.

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Alabama Legislator Proposes Bill to Recite Prayer in Public Schools for Up to 15 Minutes a Day

Have you ever thought to yourself: Alabama is great and all, but what it really needs is more Jesus? I know. Me too. Thankfully, State Rep. Steve Hurst is here to save the day with his new proposed bill:

House Bill 318 would put prayer right back into school. Specifically, Hurst wants teachers to lead their students in the same sort of prayers chaplains (or their guests) recite before sessions of Congress — and he wants schools to set aside up to 15 minutes a day for this purpose:

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Creationism’s Ruining My Science Class

(In response to this post)

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