Atheists File Federal Lawsuit Against Oklahoma Officials for Allowing Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds

Oklahoma officials decided to put a Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds in 2012 and the decision has been coming back to bite them ever since.

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Atheist Bus Ad Goes Up in Sudbury, Ontario

Some cities in Canada haven’t been receptive to atheist advertising, but the Sudbury Transit Authority (in Ontario, Canada) just approved an ad that’ll go up for the next month.

It took three weeks for them to give it the green light, but an ad campaign with the message “Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone!” will officially be launched today as will the Sudbury branch of the Centre for Inquiry:

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The Mormon Church Can’t Simultaneously Tell Leaders to Both Oppose Gay Marriage and Respect Gay People

On Friday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a formal declaration of how Mormons should respond to the recent court decision to allow gay marriage in the state and the Supreme Court’s decision to halt those marriages temporarily until further legal action.

The gist of it was that gay marriage is awful, awful, awful, and church leaders should not perform same-sex ceremonies, and church buildings shouldn’t be used for any activities related to gay weddings, and the church has to remain moral in the face of rampant immorality, and good Mormons should oppose gay marriage… but gay people deserve respect.

I guess they don’t see the inherent contradiction between saying gay people deserve “respect” while simultaneously trying to deprive them of their civil rights.

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Why Are Atheists Overwhelmingly Left-Wingers? In Which I Out Myself As a Libertarian

A funny thing happened in the comments section over the weekend.

First, we had a pretty wonderful discussion about the atheist closet, and about the risks and rewards of coming out as a non-believer.

I did feel a little uneasy about something, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Then Hemant posted an anti-GOP cartoon. Reading the comments below that post made my vague unease snap into focus. This is what had been bothering me:

I am out as an atheist to all of my friends and relatives, and obviously also to the community that has formed around this blog — a group of mostly funny and insightful people of whom I’ve grown rather fond. But I suddenly realized that politically speaking, I’ve been tiptoeing around other people’s sensibilities in a way that’s begun to feel a little stifling.

That’s because (someone fetch the smelling salt, and cue the choir of hisses!)…  I’m a libertarian.

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Methodist Church in Indiana Split on Whether Gay Employee Should Have Been Fired

There’s a church controversy brewing in Alexandria, Indiana. The leadership of the United Methodist Church there can’t seem to figure out how much they hate gay people. It’s one thing to ban them from church leadership — but what about non-pastoral members of the staff?

It looks like the church leadership wants to block gay people — even those who are celibate — from joining any part of the staff. The church members disagree and they’re leaving in protest:

David Steele said his family has stopped attending the church, which has been difficult. They aren’t alone either. About 80 percent of the congregation left because of the situation with [fired gay choral director Adam] Fraley.

“They all embraced him,” Nancy Steele said. “They’re upset about the way he was treated.”

Of course, the church members have the moral and logical upper hand here. It makes no sense to ban gay people because of a narrow interpretation of certain parts of the Bible when the church has no history of barring gluttonous people, divorced people, shellfish eaters, or those who mix their linens and wools.

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