Church Warns Against “Spiritually Transmitted Disease”

I know churches are always trying to get your attention with flashy postcards and fliers… but Blue Mountain Community Church (in Walla Walla, Washington) may want to rethink this one:

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Bill Nye Busts a Move With His New Dance “The Click”

There’s a new dance called “The Click” and all the cool science nerds are doing it.

Well, at least the coolest science nerd is.

Bill Nye, known to cut a rug or two, debuted his new “50s rockabilly style” jig this week on The CW’s Whose Line is it Anyway alongside Wayne Brady and his lyrical improv.

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Christian Leader Says Americans Are “Schizophrenic” About Sex

The Ashley Madison hack has been a bonanza for those who revel in the outing of hypocrites, with public officials and proselytizers suddenly put on blast for their duplicitous ways.

A lot could be said about what the leak and our reactions to it reveal in terms of our views on sex and relationships, but you needn’t worry about it.

Dr. Richard D. Land, president of the The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has already figured it out, as he explains in the Christian Post:

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Accused Pedophile Told Cop “The Bible Did Not Set Limits on the Age Between Two Partners”

Here’s a thought: Don’t be a pedophile.

Here’s another thought: If you are one, don’t tell the cops “the Bible did not set limits on the age between two partners.”

(Actually, wait, I take that last one back. Go ahead and say it because it makes it that much easier to lock you up.)

Timothy Morgan Butler said the statement to cops in Layton, Utah last year after he was arrested:

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Liberty University’s New Building is Totally Not Overcompensating for Anything

I know Christian fundamentalism is very patriarchal, but Liberty University may be taking it a step too far

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