Bryan Fischer: We Must Screen Every Thought We Have to Make Sure God’s Okay With It

On his radio show yesterday, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer began by talking about how we all need to be on the lookout for Satan at all times (0:30 mark):

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Church Kicks Out 92-Year-Old Woman for Not Tithing

What do you do with a church member who’s been part of your congregation for more than 50 years if she hasn’t tithed lately? Simple. You kick her out. Loyalty be damned!

At least that’s the philosophy at the First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia, where leaders just sent a pink slip to 92-year-old Josephine King (below):

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Religion When You’re an Atheist

Earlier this year, Wendy Thomas Russell wrote a book about raising children without religion called Relax, It’s Just God. She just did a wonderful interview about the topic on PBS NewsHour.

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How Atheists Find Meaning in a Godless Universe

How do atheists find meaning without a God to look up to or an eternal purpose to think about?

Tom Chivers of BuzzFeed (UK) asked several atheists and got some exceptional responses:

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Michele Bachmann Contemplates the Privilege of Seeing End Times Unfold

Former congresswoman and one time presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (remember her?) joined conservative talk show host Jan Markell to discuss, among other things, how bombing Iran would be “one of the greatest acts of peace,” if not for how President Obama‘s attempts at diplomacy are instead ushering in a nuclear apocalypse and end times. Oh, and we should all be celebrating that fact.

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