Memphis Flyer Publishes Cover Story on Local Atheists

This week’s cover of the Memphis Flyer revolves around the American Atheists convention taking place in the city this weekend:

“Our national conventions are always on Easter weekend,” Muscato says, dispelling any rumors that the date was chosen as a personal affront to Robertson or anybody else celebrating the holiday. “We choose Easter for practical reasons: We can get a great deal on hotel and convention space. And we’re atheists, so we don’t have anything else to do.”

Peabody Hotel publicist Kelly Brock Earnest corroborates Muscato’s story. She describes the atheist booking as a “good piece of business” for a holiday weekend that is a historically slow time for local convention and hospitality industries. “For us, this is like hosting a Canadian group over the Fourth of July. It’s not their holiday.”

Chris Davislengthy article also features the stories of several local atheists:

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20% of Americans Will Be Recruited Into Homosexuality In The Next Century, Says Gordon Klingenschmitt

This week, Colorado State Representative (and notorious babbling conservative) Gordon Klingenschmitt predicted a future some of us can only dream of. He says that in a hundred years, 20% of the population will be gay.

Before we go any further, this actually isn’t impossible, whether in a century or today. Depending on what survey you consult, the portion of the population that identifies as gay or lesbian might be 1%, 3%, 5%, or any other single-digit figure, really. But because stigma against LGBT people is still alive and well, we have no way of knowing how many people refrain from accurately reporting their sexual orientation, whether because of safety, family acceptance, internal denial, or any of the other reasons a person might not want to come out.

What is misguided, though, is Klingenschmitt’s idea of how we’re going to reach this figure. Here’s the video:

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Missouri House Passes Bill Forcing Public Schools to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance Every Day… In English

Remember the chaos that ensued a couple of weeks ago when a New York high school allowed the Pledge of Allegiance to be read in Arabic as part of Foreign Language Week? People flipped out, the principal had to apologize, and the school promised the Pledge would only be read in English from now on.

Well, lawmakers in Missouri are making sure that sort of blasphemy never happens in their state:

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Bill to Make the Holy Bible Tennessee’s Official State Book Passes Through Committee on 2-1 Vote

Following the lead of Republicans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, Tennessee State Rep. Jerry Sexton (below) filed a bill earlier this year to make the Holy Bible the official state book:

House Bill 615 has now advanced through the State Government Subcommittee on a 2-1 vote on Wednesday:

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Penn Jillette Discusses Religious Freedom Bills on CNN Panel, Much to the Chagrin of a Christian Guest

On Wednesday, CNN Host Don Lemon hosted a panel to discuss the Indiana and Arkansas “religious freedom” laws that have sparked so much national outrage. His guests were the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kristen Waggoner, the ACLU’s Rita Sklar and magician (slash-atheist) Penn Jillette.

The entire discussion was interesting, but some of the most insightful commentary came from Jillette.

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