Conservative Christian Group Posts Positive Article About Local Muslims and Members Flip Out, Forcing an Apology

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (state) is one of those anti-gay groups that thinks giving the LGBT community equal rights is tantamount to chaos.

Normally, I fight against groups like that. But for the past month or so, the FPIW has actually been doing something pretty interesting: They’ve been visiting places of worship for faiths other than their own in an effort to showcase non-Christian groups that “share our commitment to life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights.”

The articles don’t really go into controversial social issues so much as they simply introduce the Christian readers to a different religion. They’ve already visited a Sikh temple, a Catholic church, and a Seventh-day Adventist Church with no problems.

But then, last week, they posted about a visit to a local mosque and all hell broke loose.

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Expand Your Vocabulary, Courtesy of the Bible

My friend Anu Garg runs the popular website, where he teaches you a Word of the Day complete with pronunciation, etymology, etc.

This week’s theme is “Biblical characters who became words” and Garg introduces the theme with a personal story:

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With Nigeria’s Approval, U.S. Forces Will Help Hunt Down Boko Haram to Free the 200-Plus Abducted Girls

After the international media drumbeat about the Boko Haram mass abduction built to a deafening noise in the past 72 hours, the U.S. White House and the State Department have decided to get involved, probably militarily.

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This Man Is Trying to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Protestant Churches

Earlier this year, Bob Jones University, a very conservative Christian school, realized it had a reputation for being home to a lot of unchecked sexual abuse. They vowed to seriously get to the bottom of this and hired a ministry group called Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE) to investigate.

That didn’t go so well. They fired GRACE before it issued a final report, only to rehire GRACE after a major outcry from students and alumni.

The final report still hasn’t been issued.

Kathryn Joyce, who had written a couple of jaw-dropping books about aspects of Christian culture, has now written a #longform profile of Boz Tchividjian, the grandson of Billy Graham and GRACE’s Director. Through his eyes, Joyce looks at the future of Protestant institutions:

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There’s Still Nothing Remotely Honorable About Honor Killings, As These Stories of Betrayal and Murder Attest

From the New York Times comes a gut-punching article about the continuing “honor killings” of young women in Afghanistan:

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