Lawsuit Dismissed Against Teacher Who Punished Second-Grader for Being an Atheist

Earlier this year at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a second-grader known only as A.B. was asked by his classmate where he went to church. He said he didn’t go, adding that he didn’t believe in God, either. His friend began crying at that point, and that’s when teacher Michelle Meyer stepped in.

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Secular Invocation Mentioning Charles Darwin Delivered in Osceola County, Florida

On Monday night in Osceola County, Florida, Jason Grooms delivered a secular invocation during a Commission meeting. Grooms didn’t hide who he was representing and even invoked Charles Darwin.

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Arizona City Council Rescinds Christian-Only Invocation Policy

Last week, the Coolidge City Council in Arizona (below) passed a resolution saying it would have invocation prayers at all future meetings. An amendment to that resolution stipulated that all the invocations would be Christian.

Councilmember Rob Hudelson explained the theocratic move this way:

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Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Loses Two Pro-LGBT Members

Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) and Goshen College, both Christian schools, do not discriminate against faculty or staff on the basis of sexual orientation. That means they allow employees to enter into same-sex marriages.

That also means they are no longer part of the┬áCouncil for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) — voluntarily.

When EMU and Goshen first announced the changes to their nondiscrimination policies earlier this year, two other schools (Union University and Oklahoma Wesleyan University) quit the CCCU, certain the organization could no longer “defend┬áthe rights of Christian colleges if its members were no longer united on what biblical sexuality entails.”

But after they left, there remained the question of what to do about EMU and Goshen:

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Christian Evangelist and “Doll Dad” Will Go on TV to Discuss Their Parenting Disagreements

Joshua Feuerstein, the red baseball cap-wearing Christian evangelist, and Mikki Willis, the dad who let his son pick out a Little Mermaid doll for his birthday, have been invited to meet face to face on the CBS show The Doctors.

Following Willis’ viral video of him and his son Azai in the car after purchasing the doll, in which the dad explained why he allows his sons to “choose their own life,” Feuerstein responded with his own attention-seeking video — accusing Willis of having “no cojones” while putting a gun in his disinterested son’s hands.

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