It’s Hard to Dislike Pope Francis, but Don’t Get Lost in His Charm

Esquire‘s Joe Keohane spoke with the American Humanist Association’s Executive Director Roy Speckhardt to ask him what’s up with Pope Francis lately, what with him being all nice and tolerant and inclusive toward atheists:

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An Emotional Video About Child Brides

Seth Andrews has created this moving video that’s safe for work, but difficult to watch.

So watch it.

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Fatwa Say Wha? Taking Photos Is an Insult to Islam, Muftis Declare

In a terrible blow to Instagram and Flickr, India’s top Islamic seminary issued a fatwa the other day saying that taking pictures is sinful. Anyone who clicks a shutter, the muftis warn, is answerable to Allah.

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Comedian W. Kamau Bell: ‘Atheism is Like the Highest Level of White Privilege’

On a recent episode of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, the host moderated a debate on God’s existence between atheist comedian Jamie Kilstein and Christian John Fugelsang:

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I Have a Soft Spot in My Heart for the Teen Exorcists

Watching these three young ladies — Brynne Larson and Tess and Savannah Scherkenback – interact and chit-chat, I have surprisingly mixed feelings:

They believe they can exorcise demons and they demonstrate their “talents” in front of massive, global audiences. And while I think their beliefs are crazy weird, I see a bit of my own teen self in them.

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