Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office (TX) Puts Bible Verse Sticker on All Vehicles

One of the complains I often hear about atheist groups is that they complain about the smallest things. Does it really matter if, say, the government gives money to a faith-based charity or if a principal acknowledges a God at graduation?

The answer is always the same: You have to point out those small violations, even if the courts won’t act on them, because once Christians realize they can get away with it, those actions become “tradition” and form the basis for even more egregious violations down the road.

Case in point: check out what’s happening at the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office in Texas. We’ve seen “In God We Trust” decals all over the state, so they’re taking it a step further, explicitly putting a Bible verse on their vehicles:

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Pat Robertson Has to Explain to Viewer Why He Has Surgery When He’s Supposed to Have Faith

I love it when Christians challenge each other.

On The 700 Club yesterday, Pat Robertson was asked by a viewer why he visits doctors if his faith is supposed to pull him through.

And then the rationalizing began.

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Washington D.C. Church Leaders Say New Bike Lane Would Infringe Upon Their Religious Rights

Leaders of the United House of Prayer, a church in Washington, D.C., said that their religious rights would be infringed upon if the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) put bike paths on the road near their building.

They argued in a letter sent to the DDOT last month that the bike lane would eliminate a lane of traffic and prevent street parking, thereby placing “an extreme burden on the free exercise of religion” by hurting church members who want to worship at their building. So… persecution!

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Seth MacFarlane Praises Bernie Sanders for Saying Climate Change is the Biggest Threat We Face

At a Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles last night, actor/comedian Seth MacFarlane gave a fantastic opening speech, praising the candidate for saying climate change was the biggest threat we face:

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Superintendent Reminds Football Coach That He Can’t Pray with Kids No Matter What a Christian Group Says

It’s hard to keep tabs on what Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy plans to do on Friday.

First, he was leading his team in prayer after games. Then he was called out on it and promised to stop. Yesterday, we learned that he was going to pray anyway, due to bad advice from Christian legal group Liberty Institute.

Since then, District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Leavell issued a public statement reminding all coaches that they cannot pray while working for the team:

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