Survey Shows 70% of Abortions in the United States Are Obtained by Christian Women

According to a study released last week by LifeWay Research and Care Net, the majority of abortions performed in the U.S. are performed on Christian women, who are widely distrusting of their church when it comes to discussing their decisions.

The study, which surveyed over 1,000 women across the country who had ever had a pregnancy terminated, is especially notable because it was conducted by LifeWay Research and Care Net — two organizations in the business of talking women out of abortions. Part of me thinks the survey was contrived to better target women at risk for obtaining abortions, so that they may change their minds. Surprisingly, though, those women are sitting in church pews, slipping out with discretion when it comes to their reproductive health.

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Thanks to Ted Cruz, a Satanic Snaketivity Display May Be Heading to the Michigan State Capitol

Last year, the Michigan State Capitol building gave the green light to a display from the Satanic Temple of Detroit. They had no choice, since religious groups had already put up Nativity scenes:

This year, the Snaketivity display may be coming back. If that happens, we’ll have Sen. Ted Cruz to thank for it:

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Donald Trump: We Should “Take Out” Terrorists’ Family Members

Trump is going all in with his quest to secure his status as worst person in the world. On an interview with Fox News Channel this morning, the Republican presidential frontrunner not only underlined his idiocy but stooped to new lows, which he somehow keeps creating for himself:

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Christian Group Prevents Kids at Wisconsin School From Reading Book About Trans People

When a child at a Wisconsin elementary school quietly came out to administrators as transgender, the school did everything right. Sadly, it’s all for naught, as Liberty Counsel intervened and ruined a valuable learning opportunity for kids.

After a student came out as trans, Mount Horeb Primary Center scheduled a reading of I Am Jazz, a children’s book written by trans teenager Jazz Jennings.

The principal sent a note home informing parents about the reading, explaining that a student at school was transitioning, and allowing parents to opt their child out of the reading if they so desired:

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The Hilarious Prayers of a Confused Secular Child

When you’re an atheist parent whose extended family is religious, things get tricky. My parents are quite mortified that my daughter has not been (and will not be) baptized, that she has not been indoctrinated with the most familiar of Biblical tales, and that I keep our holiday celebrations secular regardless of whether or not they have religious roots.

My daughter is 7 years old, and when she’s ready, I’ll teach her about a wide variety of faiths and their cultural and political histories. I’ll explain why I don’t hold any religious beliefs, and then leave it up to her to decide what she thinks is true. In the meantime, I have made myself clear on the fact that my parents are not to proselytize.

There is one exception to this rule: prayer at their dinner table.

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