The Ron Paul Religion

During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, the candidate with the most devoted core of supporters was undoubtedly Ron Paul[Read more...]

Elementary School Removes Nativity Scene from Lawn to Avoid a Costly Lawsuit

Guess where this Nativity Scene was seen? [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Secular Mother’s First Grader Is Suddenly Worried About Practicing Christianity

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I have a friend who is not a declared atheist, but she is non-religious and has been raising her kids without religion. Her extended family is Catholic but it seems until now they have pretty much minded their own business. Her younger son [Read More...]

Louisiana Governor’s Voucher Program, Which Would Send $11,000,000 to Creationism-Endorsing Schools, Ruled Unconstitutional

Back in July, we learned that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal passed a voucher plan would would give more than $11,000,000 of taxpayer money to private schools that teach Creationism. Their curriculums obviously wouldn’t meet the state’s science standards, either. You can read some of the curriculum excerpts from these schools here. [Read more...]

Indiana Court Upholds Ban on Secular Celebrants Who Want to Perform Weddings

According to Indiana Code 31-11-6-1, only a handful of people are allowed to perform a marriage: members of the clergy, churches themselves, a mayor, a city clerk… but not a Secular Celebrant or Humanist Celebrant. [Read more...]