Cara Santa Maria on Whether There’s a Secular Awakening Happening

Dave Rubin, fresh off his interview with Sam Harris, invited Cara Santa Maria on his show and the two discussed coming out as an atheist, why the godless are so hated, and whether there’s a “secular awakening” going on:

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A Reporter Explores Atheism in Alaska, Recounting Her Own Challenges in the Workplace

I’ll be speaking in Anchorage, Alaska Saturday night, and there’s a great piece in the Anchorage Press about the talk and what it’s like to be an atheist in a religious society.

Reporter Aurora Ford writes about her own experiences dealing with faith:

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Now Online: A Fascinating Documentary About How Evangelical Christians Deal with Sex

If I asked you to describe evangelical Christianity, “sex-negative” would undoubtedly be near the top of the list. The culture that embraces purity rings, abstinence-only sex education, and compares women who have fooled around to glasses of spit that no one would want to drink has warped a lot of people‚Äôs minds about what constitutes healthy, safe sex.

It’s that attitude that pushed former evangelical Christian Brittany Machado and director Matt Barber to create a documentary about the relationship between Christianity and sex.

It’s called Give Me Sex Jesus and the film is now online for the first time:

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High School Football Coach Finally Learns That Leading Team in Prayer is a Problem

Earlier this week, I post about Bremerton High School (WA) assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, who was leading his team in prayer after games:

The District, after receiving a lot of media attention over this, promised to investigate the matter and how staff members were trained regarding the issue of prayer.

That investigation is now over. No one’s getting fired. But everyone’s on notice:

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If Dr. Seuss Wrote the Bible, Oh, the Weird Places It Would Go

On Wednesday, Reddit user monkey_shins posed this question in r/AskReddit: “If Dr. Seuss wrote the bible, what would be your favorite passage of scripture?”

Shortly afterwards, a roaring sound pierced the ether as hundreds of erstwhile blasphemers cracked their knuckles for an attempt at heretical glory.

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