Why Atheists Must Vote

In a ballroom in a Washington, D.C., hotel, more than 2,500 people sit anxiously. There is a palpable tension in the room while the attendees wait for the next speakers to be introduced. They sit politely, applauding the few red-meat lines in Arizona Senator John McCain’s speech, but they’re not here to hear from the 2008 GOP presidential nominee; McCain has never been particularly popular with this audience.

The two speakers following McCain — Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, of Florida and Texas, respectively, both running for president in 2016 — were much more in line with the priorities of the conference attendees in the room.

For an Atheist like me, listening to the speakers at the 2015 Values Voter Summit (VVS) — held in September by the Family Research Council, Liberty Institute, and a host of other far-right religious organizations — can only be described as surreal.

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Mark Regnerus Is Sad He’ll Never Get Another Raise

To much of the world, Mark Regnerus is a laughingstock.

He’s the University of Texas researcher who, in a deeply flawed and thoroughly debunked study, tried to prove that children fare better with different-sex parents than same-sex parents.

The study was so bad, in fact, that Regnerus’ own university disavowed his work and cited the American Sociological Association’s statement that “the conclusions he draws from his study of gay parenting are fundamentally flawed on conceptual and methodological grounds.” Ever since, his research hasn’t been considered valid in cases opposing the rights of same-sex couples.

In a recent interview with WORLD, a Christian publication, Regnerus threw himself a pity party, saddened that he’s lost the respect of the scientific community and that his life will never be the same since he published the paper. Here are some select gems from the interview (the interviewer’s questions are italicized):

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Two Bangladeshi Critics of Religion Find Asylum in Canada

Raihan Abir and his wife Samia Hossain are two atheists from Bangladesh who currently fear for their lives. After learning about the brutal deaths of several of their colleagues over the past year for the “crime” of criticizing religion, they vowed not to fall victim to the same fate.

Affan Chowdhry of The Globe and Mail tells their remarkable story:

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Discuss the Burden of Proof

In the latest video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty discusses the “burden of proof” — what it means and who has it on various issues.

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If God Had a Choice, He Wouldn’t Have Chosen This Pale Blue Dot

DarkMatters2525 shows us the ramifications of how the world would work if God actually existed:

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