Mike Huckabee Trashes Obama’s Pick for Army Leader: He’s Just “Appeasing America’s Homosexuals”

On Friday, President Obama nominated Eric K. Fanning to be the next secretary of the Army. If confirmed by the Senate, which he probably will be given his extensive leadership history, Fanning would become the first openly gay person to hold that position.

But leave it to Christian hate-preacher and GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to dismiss Fanning’s nomination — not because he lacks any credentials, but because of what he does in the bedroom.

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Atheist Group’s Adopt a Highway Sign Vandalized in California

The Atheists United chapter in San Luis Obispo, California cleans up a section of Highway 101. Like other groups that “adopt a highway,” they have a sign on the road with their name on it.

Yesterday morning, however, this is what that sign looked like:

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Street Preacher Overpowered by Even More Annoying Noise

What do you do when a preacher is screaming about Christianity in the middle of the street?

You find a way to drown out the noise:

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Facebook Troll Strikes Again to Defend Rainbow-Colored Doritos

Everybody’s favorite Facebook troll is at it again.

Last month when Target announced they were doing away with gender-specific signage in their toy and children’s bedding sections, Mike Melgaard, self-proclaimed Internet troll, fought back against the angry conservatives posting to the Target Facebook page.

This time, Mike has re-emerged as “Doritos ForHelp” to combat the onslaught of disapproving conservatives flooding the Doritos Facebook page to vent their anger toward the special-edition rainbow-colored chips. The colorful campaign benefits the It Gets Better Project — an organization that encourages gay and lesbian teens who have been victims of bullying.

Just as in the Target scenario, the angry commenters seem to have no clue that Melgaard is not, in fact, an actual representative of Frito-Lay.

Sit back, open a bag of Doritos, and enjoy.

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Conservative Writer: Doritos Rainbows Remind Me of Anal Sex and Feces

A couple of days ago, Doritos promoted a limited edition “Rainbows” bag of chips with proceeds going to the It Gets Better project. The bags were sold out almost immediately — and conservatives are still fuming over the horrors of gay chips, battling it out over who’s most offended.

The winner so far? Bethany Blankley of BarbWire, who somehow found a link between Doritos and… well… read for yourself:

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