Where Was God’s Wrath All Those Other Times?

While religious extremists do more harm than good, it’s hard to argue that they don’t provide entertainment every now and then. One of their favorite rallying calls of the past several decades has been to predict God’s apocalyptic wrath due to the acceptance of homosexuality in America.

Unsurprisingly, the recent Supreme Court affirmation of marriage equality has brought out the nuts once more.

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham warned:

I do believe God’s judgment will come upon this nation. When we read the scripture, God’s judgment would come upon Israel, time and time again, when they turned their back on Him.

Here’s the thing, though: if we’re willing to suspend our (dis)belief and assume there is a Higher Power out there who is all too willing to dole out punishment for sin, aren’t there a slew of other travesties that should have prompted such rage?

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If You Don’t Like Those Rainbow Profile Pictures on Facebook, Conservatives Made an American Flag Version

Is your Facebook newsfeed flooded with rainbow-tinted photos?

That’s because 26 million people have used a Facebook-created image generator to overlay a translucent rainbow flag on their profile pictures. It’s a celebration of Pride month and of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality. Adorable, right?

Not to the folks at Right Wing News, who think giving basic rights to another group — rights they themselves have always had — is oppressing them. So they created a similar generator that merges your profile photo with an American flag.

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Josh Duggar May Be Sued by Non-Family Molestation Victim

When we first learned about how Josh Duggar (below) molested several girls when he was younger, it came out that four of the girls were his sisters. One was not.

That non-Duggar victim may now be filing a civil lawsuit against Josh.

InTouch Magazine, which first broke the scandal, reports on what may be coming down the pipeline:

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Linda Barnette Didn’t Lose Her Job Because of Marriage Equality

You may have heard that Mississippi Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette (below) decided to resign from her job instead of signing marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples.

My reaction to her decision? Good for her. She did the right thing. If she can’t fulfill the requirements of her taxpayer-funded job, she shouldn’t be doing it.

But the way people are framing this story is worth analyzing. Fox News’ Todd Starnes spoke with Barnette’s pastor, Brian Robertson. Look at how Starnes wrote about this issue:

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Even NASCAR is Saying No to the Confederate Flag

Even if you don’t enjoy watching cars race around in circles, you’ve got to be a little bit of a NASCAR fan this week.

Brian France, NASCAR’s chairman, announced on Saturday that they would ban the Confederate flag not only from official use at events but from any use on racetrack property.

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