Chopra Watch: A BS Sandwich of Astrology, Primordial Vibrations, and Spirit Math

Luckily for you, I receive Deepak Chopra‘s “Chopra Centered Lifestyle Newsletter” -– how’s that title for narcissism? — so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.)

Yesterday, Chopra alerted me to go read about the power of Primordial Sound Meditation, written by “The Editors at”:

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An Open Letter to the Kid Wearing a Creationist T-shirt in the Science Museum

One of life’s little joys as an atheist is free admission day at the science museum, so of course I was there with a few other friends.

I couldn’t help but notice your T-shirt:

I believe in the Big Bang. God spoke, and BANG, it happened!

I know you’re hoping to witness to people like me.

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Instead of Saying Yes to Twerking Satanist, Florida Commissioners Drop Invocations Altogether

The Coral Springs (FL) City Commission has ended invocations at their meetings, all because Chaz Stevens, a Satanist, asked to participate.

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Professor Won’t Wear Device to Accommodate Deaf Student Because It Violates Her Faith

You would think professors would go out of their way to help out students in their classes. Every now and then, though, you hear about some who pull a Kim Davis. They’ll find a religious excuse to avoid doing something ridiculously simple even when it would make another person’s life so much better.

William Sears, a student with a hearing disability at Memorial University (Newfoundland), has a simple request. He needs his teachers to wear a sound-transmitting device so he can hear them more clearly.

But one professor, Dr. Ranee Panjabi, refuses to do it because it violates her religious beliefs:

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Sam Harris and the Problem with Profiling Muslims at the Airport

A few years ago, Sam Harris posted an essay in which he said Muslims — or anyone who looks like a Muslim, whatever that means — ought to be specially screened at the airport. We shouldn’t waste our time, he said, on old ladies or kids or people who are obviously not seeking martyrdom. Random searches made no sense to him when that meant wasting valuable time on people who were never going to be a problem.

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