What Made Saudi Arabia Panic at the UN Human Rights Council?

[Note: This is an expansion on a previous post, meant to give full context and background to the story for those just learning about this issue.]

The human rights abuses of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not secrets. A monarchy under Islamic Law, with only rare and arbitrary local elections, and almost total subjugation of women, the West looks on with disapproval, but impotence. They are, infamously, a U.S. “ally,” being a huge source of oil and perceived as a bulwark against Islamic terrorism in an unstable region of the world. We see the oppression, the medieval treatment of half its population, and the astounding opulence of its aristocracy, and we shrug. It’s their culture; what can we do?

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Christian Preacher Explains Why Watching Game of Thrones is Like “Recrucifying Christ”

Christian theologian John Piper has made a career out of saying whatever nonsense comes to his mind, wrapping it in biblical phrases, and having his acolytes tell him he’s a brilliant preacher.

His latest rant is addressed to a reader who asks him, “Pastor John, what would you say to a Christian who watches the cable TV show Game of Thrones?”

Piper’s answer, not surprisingly, is to remind Christians never to watch the show. But not because of the violence. Even though beheadings are commonplace and the killings seem to get more imaginative and graphic with each successive episode, Piper’s problem is the nudity.

And he proposes a list of 12 questions Christians should ask themselves whenever they might see some nudity:

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Misogynistic Christian Speaker Justin Lookadoo Charged with Public Intoxication

Last year, a Texas high school brought in motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo to speak to the students. Lookadoo — who once spoke at a pray-the-gay-away conference — is a self-proclaimed expert on being “dateable”… which really means being straight, Christian, and just like him.

His advice includes “dateable girls know how to shut up” and dateable guys “keep women covered up.”

The students who sat through his sexist tirade began using the hashtag #Lookadouche and the administration issued a half-assed apology saying they didn’t agree with much of what he said.

Now, Lookadoo is back in the news for a very different reason:

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Bob Jones University Supposedly Wants Rape Victims to Repent and Ask Their Abusers for Forgiveness

Bob Jones University is a truly troublesome place. From their history as a racist institution to their mishandling of sexual assault on campus to their absolutely insane student code of conduct, BJU has had a lot of negative press. Even when I was growing up in a cult, I knew that BJU was too extreme for me to consider attending.

The dirty laundry being aired about BJU’s issues of handling sexual assault and sexual conduct just doesn’t stop coming.

For context, first, check out my friend Dani‘s story about how she got expelled from BJU for having consensual sex with her boyfriend while attending the school. (Below are just a few excerpts from it.)

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Nigerian Man Held Against Will in Psych Ward Due to His Atheism

Yesterday, the International Humanist and Ethical Union confirmed a rumor that had been floating around for days: Mubarak Bala, a Nigerian atheist, was being held against his will at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

What put him in there?

Well, he’s an atheist… and… um… that’s it.

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