ESPN’s Resident Creationist Curt Schilling Suspended After Tweet Comparing Muslim Extremists to Nazis

The last time we mentioned former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling on this site, it’s because he was promoting Creationism on Twitter. He later said he accepts evolution, but only within species — a line of anti-evolution reasoning that even Ken Ham would agree with.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Schilling said something else really dumb on Twitter yesterday:

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Putting Six Degrees of Separation to the Test

Is there any truth to the “six degrees of separation” idea?

Let’s find out!

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New Study Shows That, on Hot-Button Issues, Most American Catholics Disagree with Catholicism

A new study by the Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Religion News Service is called “The Francis Effect? U.S. Catholic Attitudes on Pope Francis, the Catholic Church, and American Politics”… but it really should be called “Why the hell are all of you still Catholic?”

It turns out that on some of the most hot-button social issues of our time — like marriage equality and abortion rights — American Catholics are virtually indistinguishable from the general public on their views. That means they’re going against what the Church wants them to believe:

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The Fringe Conspiracy Theory We’re Asked to Respect (A Parable)

You’ve probably heard of the small conspiracy theory group that’s dedicated to spreading the news of an unimaginably elaborate hoax — supposedly the largest conspiracy ever perpetuated on humanity. The group, known as Electricists, claims that electricity is an invention of the government that doesn’t occur in nature and isn’t what “they” tell us.

Electricists at the Republican Convention in tinfoil hats with anti-electricity signs

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Episcopalian Mea Culpa for Role in Slavery Misses the Mark

Much has been said of the Religious Right’s racist past (and present) over the past year or so, but if we’re being fair, racism isn’t a problem exclusively drawn along party lines when it comes to the faithful. While many Christian leaders are quick to point to the role of churches in the Underground Railroad and their advocacy during the Civil Rights Era, they do so in hopes that we won’t pay attention to Christianity’s much longer defense of slavery and segregation.

A few individual churches, at least, are trying to atone for their role in such travesties. Take, for instance, the arguably progressive Episcopalian Diocese of Rhode Island.

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