A Bad Lip-Reading of the Mormon Church

It’s about time that bad lip-reading trend hit the Mormon Church.

In the video below, Phil Eger lets us know what Thomas Monson, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, really said at a recent conference:

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Before You Laugh at Other Religions…

You know how religious people think everyone else’s beliefs are weird? Brian Doyle reminds them that they (like himself) ought to take a look in the mirror:

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If God Actually Cared About Homosexuality, Maybe He Would Have Written More About It…

The Bible barely mentions homosexuality, but we know just how obscenely-seriously evangelicals take those passages…

David Hayward puts it into perspective:

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The Arabic Golden Age

dogmaticCURE tells the story of the Arabic Golden Age and what might have been if religion didn’t get in the way…

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Eating Children: For Atheists, It’s More Than Just a Pleasant Pastime

Now look: Most atheists don’t eat children simply for the heck of it. We’re just more practical and pragmatic about consuming young flesh than most people.

It pains me that there are those among us who still frequently endure hunger pangs, refusing to feast upon even the juiciest juveniles. These fellow atheists are the victims of an outmoded uneasiness that the rest of the world refers to as “scruples.”

Fortunately, I just came across this 1970s book that helps explain, in an inspired fashion, why taking a bite out of a well-buttered bambino ought to be a guilt-free indulgence — and indeed is often the sane, rational thing to do.

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