Bristol Palin, Abstinence Advocate, is Having Another Out-of-Wedlock Child

The last time Bristol Palin was pregnant, she followed it up by becoming a spokesperson for abstinence for a cool quarter-million dollars.

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The Ever-Changing Definition of “Traditional Marriage”

Matt Baume does an excellent job in this video explaining how “traditional marriage” has really changed over time:

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U.S. Air Force Officials Reminded of Flag-Folding Methods, One of Which is Full of Christian Symbolism

Commander’s Call Topics is an email publication going out to high-ranking Air Force personnel, and a recent issue reminded them of the symbolism behind two different flag-folding ceremonies. One of them was non-religious but the other one — which can be used at “personal ceremonies as long as the participants are volunteers” — is explicitly Christian:

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“Did I Just Transubstantiate That Out Loud?”

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This is How Brigham Young University’s Honor Code Hurts Mormons Who May Question Their Faith

Brigham Young University is a private institution owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a “Mormons”). Unlike some other religiously-operated schools, BYU is a fully accredited and well-respected academic institution. (They even teach evolution!) They also willingly admit both Mormon and non-Mormon students, though the latter pay a much higher tuition rate.

All students attending BYU, Mormon or not, are required to sign and live by the BYU “Honor Code,” which mandates that students live in BYU-approved housing and live by LDS standards — abstaining from alcohol, coffee, tobacco, narcotics, pre-marital sex, homosexual relations, and much more.

Somewhat insidiously, the Honor Code specifically targets Mormon students:

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