Church Shaped Like a Flaccid Penis Adds a Fig Leaf…

Earlier today, Terry Firma posted about the new Christian Science church in Dixon, Illinois. The church takes on a rather unfortunate shape when viewed from above…

It now appears that the church staff has caught on to what everyone’s laughing about.

On Facebook, they indicated that they were onto the joke and that a giant fig leaf (a la Adam in the Garden of Eden) would be coming, whatever that meant…

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My Horoscope Is Uncannily Accurate

How does The Onion always know what to put down for my horoscope?!

(Thanks to Alan for the link)

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A Happy Song to Remind Women That They Shouldn’t Drive

As you know, Saudi Arabia doesn’t want women to drive because… ovaries.

Which was the motivation for this simplistic and downright-catchy song:

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Dixon, Illinois Now Home to a Church Shaped Like a Flaccid Penis

Perhaps because you can’t say Dixon without saying dick, the local Christian Scientists in Dixon, Illinois, decided to build a church in the shape of a cock and balls. The architectural drawings must have been hawt – and now, thanks to Google Earth, we can all enjoy the borderline X-rated view from above:

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We Don’t Actually Want the Catholic Church to Change Its Teachings…

Blogger and Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton doesn’t understand why non-Catholics want the Catholic Church to change its teachings:

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