The One-Pixel Moon

I scrolled through the entire thing and it was totally worth it:

Mercury and Jupiter blew my mind away when I got to them.

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Egyptian Christians and Muslims Finally Come Together — To Exorcise Demonic Spirits

Aww. Ain’t conciliation grand?

[T]here is at least one sphere of Egyptian contemporary life where interfaith cooperation perseveres, and that is at weekly exorcisms performed by one of the country’s most celebrated priests, Father Sama’an Ibrahim. He is one of the few priests in Egypt who can preform exorcisms — not even the Coptic Pope can — and his reputation for expelling demons of all kinds extends well beyond his Christian flock. …

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What Have We Learned from Pastors Who Secretly Don’t Believe in God?

Four years ago, philosopher Daniel Dennett and researcher Linda LaScola released a groundbreaking study of pastors who no longer believed in God yet were still in the pulpit. It was a project that led to the formation of The Clergy Project, a private discussion forum for closeted atheist pastors.

Dennett and LaScola released a book last November explaining what they discovered and learned from their study called Caught in The Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind:

Now, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science has uploaded a video interview (in two parts) with LaScola in which she goes more in depth about her research:

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Before Giving an Invocation Prayer, This Catholic State Representative Delivered a Fantastic Disclaimer

These Arizona House of Representative invocations are becoming must-see videos!

After watching the godless invocations by Rep. Juan Mendez and Rep. Ruben Gallego, I wasn’t expecting to want to watch one delivered by a Catholic… but the invocation delivered by Democrat Rep. Mark Cardenas on February 18 (and uploaded to YouTube now) was fascinating.

Cardenas’ invocation was only six seconds long. But it was preceded by a 30-second disclaimer about how this was only his personal view and how he doesn’t presume to speak for anyone but himself.

Check it out:

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Ohio Ministers, In Cahoots With Cops, Stage Their Own Mock Arrests to Illustrate ‘Christian Persecution’

Do you have any idea how oppressed and persecuted American Christians are?

So oppressed and persecuted that in order to prove it, pastors in Ohio called the local cops and requested to be taken into custody in front of their congregations.

You heard right. The histrionic clergymen staged mock arrests — with the help of publicly funded police officers no less — to drive home how severely their Jesus faith has come under attack.


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