Rankin County School Board (in Mississippi) Creates Obstacle to Stop Students from Joining Gay-Straight Alliance

Rankin County School District in Mississippi has already been the subject of some major church/state separation violations.

But after a student approached a Brandon High School teacher about forming a Gay-Straight Alliance, the reactions of the school board and superintendent show that they’ve learned absolutely nothing over the years.

Check out what happened when Superintendent Lynn Weathersby (below) told the school board to adopt a new policy to prevent “gay clubs” from forming:

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U.K.’s Sky News Does Interview About Charlie Cover, Cuts Feed in a Panic When Interviewee Attempts To Show It

This clip comes to you thanks to the 24-hour TV station Sky News, based in Britain. It’s an outfit that, like many others, purports to cover the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings without possessing the intestinal fortitude to show any of the weekly paper’s Islam-mocking covers.

Which is a problem when the latest Charlie cover is the story of the day.

Caroline Fouresta former Charlie Hebdo contributor, is appalled by the capitulation of various foreign media, and isn’t shy about saying it on camera:

I’m very sad, very sad, that journalists in the U.K. do not support us; that journalists in the U.K. betray what journalism is about by thinking that people cannot be grown enough to decide if a drawing is offensive or not — because you’re not even showing it.

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Bill Nye and Ken Ham Sent Each Other Christmas Gifts

You guys, they’re like best frenemies now.

For Christmas, Bill Nye sent Ken Ham a signed copy of his book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation with this message:

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Site That Added Drawings of Muhammad to Cartoons Abruptly Comes to an End

A few years ago, when Draw Muhammad Day was a thing, a Tumblr began with the premise of adding Muhammad to various comic strips.

It was called “Plus A Drawing of Muhammed” and entries looked something like this:

So I was a little surprised when, after last week’s attacks at Charlie Hebdo, the site’s creator posted this message on the site after a three-year hiatus:

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Saving Christmas and Left Behind Both Nominated for “Worst Picture” Razzies

The Razzies are given out every year (since 1980) to the worst films and actors that Hollywood has to offer.

This year’s nominees were just released and there’s no surprise when you look at the Worst Picture list:

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