This Year, Religious Fraudsters Will Bag a Record $50 Billion — “a Huge Jump,” Says the Trinity Foundation

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

The Trinity Foundation noted that for 2015 alone it’s estimated that international religious fraud will exceed donations to global missions. “The researchers estimate 2015 missions funding at $45 billion, with religious fraud projected to exceed that at $50 billion, a huge jump over last year’s $39 billion,” stated the foundation.

Unfortunately, the Trinity Foundation (TTF) more or less shares its name with Trinity Broadcasting, the televangelism network founded by smarmy shyster Paul Crouch. To be clear, TTF is on the other end of the scale. The Dallas-based group, itself founded on Christian principles, is a time-tested religious-fraud watchdog that has brought down fraudulent TV preachers such as Robert Tilton (and not for excessive flatulence).

According to Friday’s article about TTF in the Christian Post,

… the foundation has decided to expand its investigations worldwide.

The plans are gestational and a bit vague, but I hope they come to fruition:

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On a Berlin Stage, Writers with Islamic-Sounding Names Turn Hate Mail Into Raucous Laughter

Watching the videos of Richard Dawkins reading his hate mail was an unexpected pleasure.

Sometimes, that’s the best you can do with nasty insults and vicious invective — defang them by spinning the tar into comedy gold. That’s exactly what these folks decided to do:

When it comes to you Muslims,” Hasnain Kazim tells the audience, “we Germans are going to pick up where we left off with the Jews. It would please me if the first time we meet is when your smoke is rising out of the chimney.”

You might expect such malignance to reap a stunned silence, or gasps.

But Kazim, a 40-year-old journalist with Spiegel Online, is treated to rollicking laughter and applause instead. This, after all, is Hate Poetry night in Berlin, an opportunity for a troupe of German journalists, all of whom have vaguely Muslim-sounding names, to read out some of the more creatively despicable messages clogging up their inboxes.

Disturbingly, each has plenty to choose from, and the fountain of hatred flows late into the evening, with insults like these: “I have nothing against Muslims as long as the only place they are staying is at the local cemetery.”

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Look Who’s Appearing at the Atheist Strip Club Tonight…

On last night’s episode of The Simpsons (which you all totally watched), the local church needed to be rebuilt after a plane crashed into it. But those in charge of raising money for it worried about what might happen if their illicit gambling scheme didn’t work out…

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Are You Prepared for Y2K? If Not, You Need to Watch These Evangelists’ Video

Remember when Y2K happened and the world exploded?

Well, your answer doesn’t matter as long as you gave television preachers Jack Van Impe and wife Rexella some money to learn about the “2000 Time Bomb” beforehand:

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Environmental Officials in Florida Were Ordered to Stop Using the Phrases “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”

Officials in the Department of Environmental Protection in Florida, a state that’s especially affected by climate change, were told they could not use that phrase (or “global warming”) in their communications or reports.

This stunning bit of censorship was brought to light by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting:

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