Who Are We and Where Did We Come From? A New Book Offers Scientific Responses to These Questions and More

In their new book Discovering Our World: Humanity’s Epic Journey from Myth to Knowledge (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015), Paul Singh and John R. Shook offer scientific explanations to questions normally reserved for religion: Who are we? Where did we come from? What determines our destiny?

In the excerpt below, the authors explain why we have a moral imperative to save our planet:

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The Religious Ritual That Takes Place Before Astronauts Head Into Space

Internet points to anyone who can explain what’s happening in this picture:

Apparently, it’s customary for astronauts to be “blessed” by a Russian Orthodox priest before heading to space. The Verge notes that this ritual has been taking place for years now:

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Ken Ham’s Publisher Offers $3,000 College Scholarship to Person Who Best Explains the Purpose of the Bill Nye Debate

Q: Why did Ken Ham debate Bill Nye last year?

A: Free publicity for the Creation Museum. Obviously.

I don’t think Ham’s publishers are going to give me a $3,000 college scholarship for that response, though. They’re looking for a much more substantial defense of a debate that never should have happened in the first place:

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Kentucky Governor Says Gay Marriage Ban Isn’t Discriminatory Because Straight People Can’t Get Gay-Married Either

The state of Kentucky wants to prevent same-sex marriage. But it’s totally not a discriminatory move, because, you see, they absolutely want to stop gay weddings for straight people as much as they want to stop gay weddings for gay people.

And this is the argument Democratic Governor Steve Beshear‘s administration sent to the Supreme Court last Friday:

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If Our Laws Really Are “God-Given,” We Should All Be Freaked Out

Writing for The Week last Friday, Matt K. Lewis discussed what he considers the “troubling implications of believing our rights don’t come from God.” He says he’s “astounded” that people don’t believe our rights come from God or that people are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” as indicated in the Declaration of [Read More…]