Spongebob Squarepants’ Seven Severe Sins

The goal of Outlet College Ministry (OCM) in Atlanta, affiliated with Bishop Eddie Long‘s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church,

… is to EQUIP students to be DEVOTED followers of CHRIST while RADICALLY transforming the CULTURE!

The ministry tries to achieve that with mass baptisms and movie fare like Left Behind, but nothing could possibly top the debate that took place at OCM last night. The topic was, “Which sin is the most deadly?,” and somehow that weighty question was linked to characters from Spongebob Squarepants.

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This Kind of Vandalism on a German Pastafarian Sign is Just Annoying…

A few months ago, I posted about how a group of German Pastafarians were able to get the city of Templin to put up signs alerting people to their meetings:

Since that time, someone has been messing with the Pastafarians. It’s not full-on “vandalism,” per se, but someone has repeatedly (four times now) put what appears to be red “caution” tape over the symbol:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 45: Trevor McKendrick, Atheist Who Created Popular Spanish-Language Bible App

Our latest podcast guest is Trevor McKendrick, an atheist who created a very popular (and lucrative) Spanish-language Bible app.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Alex Blumberg’s popular podcast StartUp which is all about his journey beginning his own podcasting company.

In one episode, he aired a conversation with Trevor, in which they talked about whether you can sell a product you don’t really believe in.

We spoke with Trevor about the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the story, how it publicized his atheism more than he expected (especially as an ex-Mormon), and what Bible-buying trends look like online.

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Glory, Glory, Hole-lelujah

File this under “Should’ve shown it to a teenager first”:

The “Glory Hole” is the actual name of a Christian shelter in Juneau, Alaska.

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U.S. Air Force Test Misidentifies Fifth Amendment, Implying that Religious Liberty is “Commonly Violated”

Quick: the Fifth Amendment protects which commonly violated civil liberty?

If you answered “the right not to incriminate yourself,” founding father James Madison, who wrote the Bill of Rights, would’ve appreciatively clapped you on the shoulder. But the U.S. Air Force might just tell you that you’re an oaf.

An Air Force test question about constitutional rights has led to accusations that the service is not only confused about religious freedom protections, but also believes civil libertarians are predators.

Thirty-one people have contacted the Military Religious Freedom Foundation about an Air Force security administration test that confuses the First and Fifth Amendments, said Mikey Weinstein, the group’s founder and CEO.

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