This Must Be Proof That Satan Planted Fossils to Deceive Us About Evolution

Reader Brett recently visited the Burgess Shale fossil field in British Columbia, Canada and came across this, um, sign:

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Leaving Mormonism: A Spoken Word Poem

Here’s more awesome spoken word poetry, this time from ex-Mormon Tanner Gilliland:

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Yet Another Example of Jaclyn Glenn’s Plagiarism

Yes, I’ve posted already about atheist YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn‘s plagiarism, but plenty of commenters are still unconvinced. And now there’s another example. So let’s give it another shot and then I’ll explain (again) why it matters.

The video below, by babbisp1, compares a video Glenn made in July of 2014 to an episode of The Atheist Experience filmed in December of 2010. Note how much her commentary resembles, or directly rips from, what host Matt Dillahunty is saying.

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America’s Oldest Jewish Congregation Sued After (Possibly) Firing Employee for Pre-Marital Sex

You’d probably expect the oldest Jewish congregation in America to be conservative, resistant to change, and (as a byproduct) intolerant. But Shearith Israel, which was founded in 1654 and was the only Jewish congregation in New York for almost 175 years afterward, portrays itself on its website as a welcoming community that “values tradition, kindness, and inclusivity.” Unfortunately, it seems two of those values were in short supply when the synagogue’s leaders found out that Alana Shultz (below), who had worked as the congregation’s program director for eleven years, had gotten pregnant prior to her wedding.

According to a lawsuit that Shultz filed on September 22, she told her boss that she was pregnant right before she left for her honeymoon. Shultz alleges that when she returned from her trip, she learned that she’d been fired, and that her six-week severance package would not include medical coverage. Shultz says that Rabbi Meir Soloveichik refused to look at her once he found out.

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Teen Mania’s Woes Ironically Live Up to the Group’s Name

Knowing the often devastating impacts of bipolar disorder on the lives of those affected, it can be particularly irritating when related clinical terms get used as a term of phrase. Calling the weather “bipolar” or busy Mondays “manic” trivializes very real and often very frightening experiences. It’s also, frankly, pretty lazy; there are plenty of other creative ways to make similar points.

Even so, I found myself laughing at the appropriateness of naming a cult “Teen Mania.”

Why was it so easy to accept the application of the word here? Well, to understand that, you need to understand what mania actually is. The “high” stage of bipolar disorder, manic episodes are sustained periods of time marked by increased energy, grandiose thinking, delusions, and self-destructive behavior. If left untreated, mania can damage relationships, ruin finances, and lead to trouble with the law.

When you break down the tawdry history of Teen Mania, it’s almost frightening how well the bipolar-derived moniker fits.

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