Susan Galloway and Linda Stephens Speak About Their Supreme Court Case

Last October, the plaintiffs in the Town of Greece v. Galloway Supreme Court case, Susan Galloway (who’s Jewish) and Linda Stephens (who’s an atheist), spoke at the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s convention. It was a few months after the Court’s bone-headed 5-4 decision to allow sectarian invocations at government meetings. Still, for their efforts, they were awarded with the title “Freethinkers of the Year”:

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To Improve Traffic Safety, Russia Says Transgender People No Longer Qualify for Licenses

We’re used to hearing the LGBT community blamed for a lot of things.

An earthquake strikes? Some pious bigot will invoke God’s wrath against homosexuals.

Birds die? A True Believer will clue you into it being gay people wanting marriage rights that did it.

Hurricane Katrina? There’s a homophobe waiting to remind you: gay parade, duh.

Volcanic eruptions? Yeah, still gay people.

Ebola? Also gay people.

9/11? Also, apparently, the fault of LGBT people, according to some bloviating believers.

There are many more examples where those came from. In fact, there’s not much that gets attributed to LGBT folks that surprises me anymore, no matter how absurd. But, I have to admit, Russia managed to find one.

Traffic accidents.

Yeah, for real (I wish I was joking). According to the Russian government, transgender and transsexual people suffer from disorders that contribute to high accident rates.

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Student Accuses Teacher of Banning Bible in Classroom… but Principal Says It Never Happened

12-year-old Loyal Grandstaff loves his Bible. So you can imagine how miffed he felt when his teacher at Bueker Middle School in Marshall, Missouri told him he wasn’t allowed to read it in school:

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Ottawa Imam: I Support Free Speech, but Satire of Religious Leaders Should Be Illegal

You know people truly support free speech when they are willing to defend speech they don’t agree with, even speech that might be considered “blasphemous” to others.

That’s why Muslim imam Imtiaz Ahmed, no matter what he thinks, isn’t a free speech advocate:

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Catholic Priest Tells Congregation He’s Gay and Receives a Standing Ovation, but What Will He Do Now?

In Dublin, Ireland, where a referendum on gay marriage will be taking place this May, Father Martin Dolan of the Church of St Nicholas of Myra told his congregation on Saturday night (and Sunday morning) that he was gay:

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