Arizona High School Softball Players Allege They Were Kicked Off Their Team for Refusing to Pray

A team captain and two other players on a Mesa, Arizona public school softball team are suing after allegedly being booted from the team for refusing to lead team prayers.

The students claim that local Mormon parents and students, as well as coach Joseph Gordman, painted the girls as bullies who were jeopardizing “team morale and unity” over religious issues. The supposed offenses included not conducting and participating in team prayers, playing hip-hop music that “offended [the] religious sensitivities” of one student at a tournament, and one plaintiff’s social media postings.

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How Do We Know That Santa is Imaginary?

This is a guest post by Marshall Brain. Marshall is best known as the founder of He is also the creator of popular websites like and His new book How “God” Works will be available in January from Sterling Publishing.

In the United States, December means that hundreds of millions of people are preparing for the big day on December 25. We see the preparations all around us: People are putting up trees in the living room and wreathes on the door, we see lights on buildings and bushes, and then there is the huge retail frenzy that is impossible to miss.

Mixed in with all of this is Santa Claus. You can sit on Santa’s knee and talk to him at the mall, and see Santa in parades all across the country. There are TV specials about Santa, songs about him, cookies in Santa shapes, posters, books, ornaments, etc. Santa has one of the best PR departments on the planet.

Even so, and even though many of us believed Santa to be real as children, I do not know a single adult who believes that the actual Santa Claus exists. You probably find yourself in the same position. You do not believe in Santa, even though you see him everywhere, and neither does anyone you know.

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PA School District Says Ten Commandments Monument at Junior High Isn’t Religious Because It Includes a Bald Eagle

This is a picture of Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania… with a Ten Commandments monument right in front of it. It’s been there since the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated it in 1957:

A couple of years ago, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote letters to the district to have it taken down, and it resulted in the monument being boarded up with plans for it to be donated to a local church.

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10 Reasons Why Rick Santorum Should Never Make It To the White House

Rick Santorum hasn’t given up dreaming about the presidency, and this time he’s extra-serious, he says.

Where he had to build his operation from the ground up in 2012, Santorum now has a grass-roots operation called Patriot Voices, which boasts 150,000 activists across the country. … He is retooling his message, hoping to appeal beyond his socially conservative base and reach blue-collar voters who are being left behind in the economy.

“I don’t think I’ve met a ‘suit’ yet,” Santorum said of his travels around the country. … That is a theme he has sounded for years, though it often got overlooked in the 2012 campaign, where most of the attention was on Santorum’s culture warrior credentials. “Part of what I had to do last time was lay out my bona fides” on moral and social issues, Santorum said. “That’s done.”

Mediaite, under the headline “Rick Santorum Announced He’s Running For President and Nobody Noticed,” writes that Santorum’s declaration about entering the 2016 race “landed with a thud.” The candidate claims that he likes it that way, so he can be the come-from-behind underdog.

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Conservative Commentator: Atheists Can’t Hold Public Office Because They Can’t Defend God-Given Rights. Checkmate!

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the seven states which have laws on the books banning atheists from holding public office.

Conservative commentator Jake MacAulay thinks those bans make perfect sense. And just wait until you hear why:

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