Welcome Jeffery Jay Lowder to Patheos!

Jeffery Jay Lowder, the founder of Internet Infidels (one of the first major Internet hubs for atheists), is now on Patheos! His blog is called The Secular Outpost:

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A Review of Guillermo del Toro’s Mama: Of Imaginary Guardians and Jealous Gods

It’s an idea most atheists probably find pretty familiar, if not resonant: vulnerable believers, scared and alone, taking comfort in imagining a benefactor or guardian figure, a surrogate parent of fantasy who they come to believe is real.

The concept goes literal in Guillermo del Toro’s Mama when two kidnapped children, found living feral in the woods five years later, come to live with their uncle. Psychologists, witnessing the girls’ interactions with their invisible protector, theorize that Victoria and Lily invented Mama to help them cope with their trauma, terror, and abandonment. [Read more...]

The Discovery Institute Is Hosting A Darwin Day Event

Darwin Day is coming up soon and you can find an event celebrating Darwin’s birthday in your area through DarwinDay.org. I was curious to see what other events were happening in my state and I was horrified to discover that the Discovery Institute (the think tank devoted to spreading “Intelligent Design”) was also hosting a Darwin Day event. Some time in the last few days, the post was pulled from DarwinDay.org but the event is still listed on the group’s own website: [Read more...]

Searching for More Atheist K-12 Teachers!

Several months ago, I posted about a couple of researchers hoping to speak with atheist teachers.

You all responded like crazy and they got what they wanted; now, they’re hoping to expand their base: [Read more...]

Guess Why This Pastor Didn’t Tip His Server?

Ladies and gentleman, this may surprise you, but I was not always the wildly successful part-time freelance writer you see before you today.

There were many years of my life where I made my living waiting tables.

I was a server, my boyfriend was a server, my brother was a server, most of my friends have been servers, all of my servers have been servers.  I’m surrounded by the noble men and women of the service industry.

As a result, nothing raises my hackles quite like bad tippers.

Especially passive-aggressive bad tippers who justify their behavior with faith: [Read more...]