Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Latest Book, Heretic, is Out Today

Today marks the release of Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s latest book Heretic:

ABC News posted an excerpt from it and Hirsi Ali holds little back, even evoking the opening of Sam HarrisThe End of Faith:

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Atheist Delivers Invocation at Lenoir City Council Meeting in Tennessee

Last night, an atheist delivered the invocation before a meeting of the Lenoir City Council:

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Gullible Colombians See the Face of Jesus in the Remains of a Landslide

Did the face of Jesus appear in a South American landslide?

The answer is (obviously) no. The answer is always no.

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Openly Secular Day is April 23: Can You Come Out to Just One Person?

On April 23, the Openly Secular campaign is asking you to pledge to tell one person you’re not religious:

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Utah’s Pro-Life Governor Signs Bill Approving Firing Squads for Death Row Inmates if Lethal Drugs Are Unavailable

In 2010, Utah Governor Gary Herbert (below) signed a bill charging women who arranged for an illegal abortion with “criminal homicide.” In 2012, he got behind a law requiring women to wait an unnecessary 72 hours before getting an abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice America calls him “anti-choice” while giving the whole state an “F” grade for its stances on abortion-related issues.

So look at what Governor Pro-Life did today:

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