Billboard Explaining How Marriage Has Already Been Redefined Goes Up in Kim Davis’ Hometown

Planting Peace, the group responsible for the rainbow-colored house across from Westboro Baptist Church, just put up a billboard in Morehead, Kentucky — the home of Kim Davis:

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Kentucky Taxpayers Currently Owe $2,811 for the Government’s “In God We Trust” Signs

Last year, Kentucky legislators passed a bill that would put the state seal adorned with the phrase “In God We Trust” in all subcommittee meeting rooms. State Senator Albert Robinson, who sponsored the legislation, said this was needed because “This is America. I feel like this nation was and is established by God.” So he [Read More…]

The Lunacy of Calling Mideast Christian Persecution “Genocide”

There is no denying that persecution of Christians, other minority faiths, and nonbelievers in the Middle East is reaching fever pitch. Attacks from ISIS and the ongoing brutality of the Syrian Civil War have rendered literally half the population refugees, fleeing for their lives under abysmal conditions. Images of the crisis are horrific and haunting, to say the very least.

But reality is out of sync with the mainstream narrative.

Contrary to what politicians like Donald Trump may want you to believe, the bulk of the violence taking place overseas is not about Christian persecution; it’s about the government, rebels, ISIS, and Kurdish factions inflicting maximum damage to each other’s strongholds. Despite what Christian publication headlines might imply, the religious targeting that is taking place is not exclusive to Christians; the attacks have been against all kinds of people who are not Muslim.

These realities don’t seem to matter in the U.S. House of Representatives, where a new bipartisan resolution seems intent on keeping the focus on Christian victims alone:

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Oklahoma Judge Gives State Officials a Month to Take Down Capitol’s Ten Commandments Monument

Oklahoma state officials have been trying to protect the Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol ever since the state’s Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional back in June.

Yesterday, a judge announced he wasn’t putting up with the state officials’ bullshit any longer, telling them they had until October 12 to take down the monument.

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Anti-Gay, Affair-Having Christian Lawmakers Get Pushed Out of Michigan Legislature

Remember Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser? Of course you do. He’s the anti-gay rights legislator who thinks “traditional marriage” means having an affair with also-married colleague Rep. Cindy Gamrat and then distributing a fake email alleging that he fucked a male prostitute in order to throw people off the real story.

Looks like their shenanigans were too much even for the GOP.

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