Vatican Says That Mother Teresa, Having Worked Two “Verified” Miracles, Will Be Declared a Saint

The nun Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, a.k.a. Mother Teresa, will become a saint, the Vatican announced today.

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Texas Republican Leader “Just Might Slap” the Next Person Who Wishes Him a “Happy Holidays”

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but in one Texas home, it seems the Grinch got there first.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller (do I even need to mention at this point that he’s a Republican?) took to Facebook with his own brand of Christmas love and cheer, and it’s not terribly loving or cheerful:

Peace on earth, and mercy mild — unless someone mentions “holidays” instead of “Christmas,” in which case we’re going to whack ’em one.

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Forget What the Science-Deniers Say; Evolution Really Can Be Observed

One of the arguments Creationists love to bring up is that evolution is a lie because we can’t see it happening in real time. We can try to explain that natural selection occurs over many generations and long time-scales, but they can’t handle that sort of nuance.

Thankfully, there are actually plenty of examples of evolution occurring within a lifetime. This PBS video explains one of them:

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Bill Nye Explains How to Escape from Religion

Someone asked Bill Nye how to think properly after a lifetime of indoctrination. His response was fantastic:

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This is How a Black Hole Works

You may want to avoid them. Just a tip.

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