Prayer Isn’t Just a Form of Meditation

Singer-songwriter Andrew W.K. writes an advice column for the Village Voice each week. In his latest column, a reader explained that his brother had come down with cancer and his grandmother suggested the family pray for him:

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A Debate on School Prayer Between an Expert and an Idiot

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in Texas published a debate on the topic of school prayer in today’s paper. On one side, they have Arnold Loewy, the Chair of Criminal Law at Texas Tech School of Law.

On the other side, they have Donald May who wouldn’t know the law if it were spelled out right in front of him. Which it is.

Let’s start with the sensible Loewy:

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Tennessee Supreme Court Hears Case of Mother Who Tried (and Failed) to Heal Her Daughter’s Cancer with Prayer

In early 2002, a doctor told 15-year-old Jessica Crank she needed to go to an emergency room because of what was later diagnosed as Ewing’s Sarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor. Instead of doing that, her mother Jacqueline Crank turned to Jesus instead.

Jessica died later that year.

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Militant Atheist: A Misnomer If Ever There Was One

We know the phrase “militant atheist” is almost always an oxymoron. The people bestowed with that title tend to be authors, debaters, and thinkers rather than dictators or murderers.

Nick Cohen, writing for The Observer, takes a much-appreciated swipe against the “intellectuals” who seriously uses that phrase, calling it a “phantom menace”:

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An Article on Charisma News’ Website Calls for Conversion, Deportation, Sterilization, and Death of Muslims

When charges of “Islamophobia” are leveled against atheists, it almost always involves their criticism of Islam, not Muslims. For that reason, I find that charge unfair and a way to deflect from discussing any justified problems with the faith itself. More importantly, when atheists do condemn the actions of some Muslims, they’re very clear about the fact that they’re only speaking about the extremists.

But if you want to see what Islamophobia really looks like, check out Rev. Gary Cass‘ disturbing piece at Charisma News titled “Why I Am Absolutely Islamaphobic” (sic). Cass, the president and CEO of, is a guy who’s going after Muslims and not Islam. And there’s little (if any) nuance between the handful of extremists and everybody else.

Cass acts like every Muslim is a member of ISIS — or will eventually be — and he proposes three ways of dealing with them:

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