Newspaper Reader Complains About Atheism Story in Religion Section

I love letters to the editor because they often showcase the ignorance of the community, and Ann Ludlow’s letter in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a perfect example.

She’s very unhappy that the Religion section covered the announcement from Ryan Bell that he no longer believes in God:

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Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Blames Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists for Provoking Terrorists

In typical fashion, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue issued a statement in response to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo… and it’s simply awful. After briefly condemning the violence, he spends the bulk of his time criticizing the cartoonists for bringing this tragedy upon themselves:

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Relaxed Educational Standards for Homeschooled Children in Pennsylvania and Beyond Should Frighten All of Us

The New York Times published an article about recent changes to Pennsylvania’s laws governing homeschooling, and it highlights a number of concerning points — both in relation to Pennsylvania and homeschooling in general.

Full disclosure: I was homeschooled for my entire K-12 education and learned a lot of really silly religious stuff (like Creationism) in the process. My mom taught us what she and my father believed to be true; but, at the same time, she was a great teacher (when religion didn’t conflict with reality) who fostered a keen love of learning and the natural world. My problem with homeschooling, then, isn’t that I imagine a lack of sincerity on the part of the parents or that I think there are no potential benefits or scenarios where it could work well.

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Married Pastor Tells NPR He’s Attracted To Men, but He’s Not Gay

TLC’s weird upcoming show My Husband’s Not Gay has sparked a wave of a new kind of coming-out: Christian men who are open about their same-sex attraction, despite being married to women.

NPR recently featured one of these stories, about a Presbyterian pastor in Pennsylvania who has experienced same-sex attraction since he was a kid. His name is Allan Edwards, he’s married to Leeanne Edwards, and they’re expecting a baby in July.

In the NPR story, he talks about how his faith has shaped his identity:

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How the Terrorist Attacks Hurt Muslim Nations Everywhere

Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s juxtaposes today’s acts of terrorism with the International Space Station and explains that the acts of “vengeance” like we saw at Charlie Hebdo‘s offices today leave the Muslim world in even more disarray:

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