Check Out This Rapper With Atheist-Themed Lyrics

Gary Gibson, Jr., who previously released a hip-hop song about God, has a new song out called “Blackout” and it’s awesome. I don’t know how he packed so many rhymes in it, but he did:

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What Are the Biggest Atheism-Related Stories of the Year?

In preparation for an upcoming Atheist Voices video, we’re trying to compile a list of the biggest atheism-related news stories of the year.

If you have any suggestions for us to include, please leave them in the comments! Thanks :)

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This is How the Right Thinks Atheists Prepare for the War on Christmas

Michael Luciano explains how conservatives think atheists view Christmas. (It’s like he’s giving away our game plan!)

(via PolicyMic)

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Christmas Gift: Poor Persecuted Pastor, Convicted of Securities Fraud, Gets Unbelievably Lenient Sentence

Imagine you are convicted of multiple fraud-related felonies involving the theft of a six-figure sum of money. You’re looking at a maximum sentence of 30 years. If the prosecution asked for a ten-year sentence with five years suspended, you’d probably breathe a sigh of relief, even though you’d still expect to spend considerable time behind bars. A couple of years at least, right?

Montana pastor and one-time novelist Harris Himes, however, bagged himself a Christmas miracle of sorts when he got a judge to sentence him to roughly 65 days.

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Qur’an-Approved: Saudi Pedophiles Buy Syrian Refugee Girls For Sex, Some As Young As 13

Watch and shudder:

What these men do — buying underage girls for sex — is neither prostitution nor in any way illegal under the Shiite interpretation of Islam. It’s a religious practice called nikah mut’ah, a convenience marriage that can last anywhere from minutes to months, with a divorce included in the agreement. Money changes hands — perhaps a few thousand dollars — and the rich buyer goes off (and gets off) with his newly-acquired sex slave, until he tires of her.

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