A Free Glass of Water at Chick-fil-A Cost Him a Million Dollars… and You Probably Think He Deserved It

Remember the Chick-fil-A controversy of 2012? COO Dan Cathy had made disparaging comments about same-sex marriages, and it became widely known that the company’s owners, through a trust, donated money to anti-gay organizations.

In response, YouTuber Jackson Pearce suggested one way to fight back: Go to Chick-fil-A and ask for a glass of water, which they would give you for free. In essence, you’d be taking money away from the company.

Arizona native Adam M. Smith decided to do just that. But he took it much further. He lashed out at the employee (who had nothing to do with the politics of the company’s executives)… and recorded the exchange:


Could that be any more cringe-worthy?

As I wrote then, I just felt bad for the employee. She handled the situation perfectly — she did her job, remained as neutral as possible, and tried to explain how the company didn’t discriminate against gay customers (which is true)… and Smith came off as a heartless bully. Even if Chick-fil-A had a problem, this employee had nothing to do with it and Smith was wrongly taking his anger out on her. She showed far more class than he did.

Even Jon Stewart called Smith a dick for his actions:

That was only the beginning of an awful period in Smith’s life. His well-intentioned protest had completely backfired and he had only himself to blame.

Smith has now written about that whole experience — what led up to it, what happened afterwards, and (more importantly) what he has learned since then — in a new book called Million Dollar Cup of Water: Discovering the Wealth in Authenticity.

In the excerpt below, Smith writes about the immediate aftermath of his Chick-fil-A exchange:

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Self-Described U.S. Patriot Tries To Stir Up Animosity Against Muslims With Homemade Bombs Left In Park

Eighteen years after Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph exploded a fatal homemade bomb in a park in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Conrade Sibley, a Marietta resident, decided it was time to try it again.

A man who described himself as a “patriot” confessed to placing homemade bombs in a Georgia park to help people realize “that this type of activity could happen anywhere,” according to court documents obtained by TPM on Tuesday.

Michael Conrade Sibley, a resident of Marietta, Ga. was charged last week in a federal court in Atlanta with attempting to damage federal property.

Documents filed in the case said Sibley built improvised explosive devices and left two of them in a backpack on Nov. 4 at the Vickery Creek Park in Georgia.

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What Did We Learn from CNN’s Special Report on Atheism?

Last night, CNN aired an hour-long special called “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-believers“:

Since the documentary was clearly targeting an audience that knew nothing about atheism, let’s ask the only question that matters: What did those viewers learn when they stepped into our “world”?

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When Phil Robertson Fantasized About the Rape and Murder of an Atheist Family, What Part Did He Leave Out?

Because atheists apparently have no basis for separating right from wrong, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson told a gleeful little tale about them at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast last Friday.

Hemant wrote about it here.

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We Will Never Again Bow Our Heads

(via The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn)

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