Before You Claim the UCC Shooting Was About Christian Persecution, Consider All the Evidence

Another day, another shooting spree in the U.S.

In a tragedy that has become all too common in the states, 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer opened fire yesterday on Oregon’s Umpqua Community College campus armed with several handguns and one long gun. The most recent reports indicate that ten people lost their lives and many more were injured. While much of the response was predictable and repetitive — promises of prayers, political battle cries from both sides of the aisle regarding gun control, etc. — there is one specific detail of the story that has featured prominently in media coverage across the board. As the Washington Post reports, Mercer may have been targeting Christians explicitly:

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Christian Pastor: “Sex Belongs to Christians”

Christian educator John Piper is no stranger to making offensive, opportunistic statements. When the Sandy Hook shootings happened, he called it a “warning” from God to turn to Christ.

His latest idiotic statement? Sex belongs to Christians. Which, I guess, means all of us are doing it wrong. Literally.

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An Atheist Wore a Hijab for a Day to Understand What Her Muslim Friends Have to Deal With

Amber Barnhill, who’s been featured on this site before for her activism and a post she wrote about sex negativity in her religious past, conducted a neat experiment on Wednesday.

She put on a hijab and spent the day experiencing the world as a Muslim woman for her sociology of religion class.

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Clickhole Presents Signs That You Grew Up in an Atheist Household

I was all set to read a list titled “10 Signs You Were Raised In An Atheist Household“… and then I realized I was reading Clickhole.

Which means the list is just going to get weirder and weirder…

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Seth Meyers Breaks Down the Problems with the Planned Parenthood Congressional Hearing

On his late night show, Seth Meyers gave a great rundown of the farcical Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood that was nothing more than a bunch of ignorant politicians talking down to the head of one of the larger health care providers in the country, just because they also happen to provide abortion services:

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