Watch Chicago Christians Cover Up an Atheism Display With an Angels Banner, to ‘Show Atheists Our Love and Support’

Not a lot needs to be said here, because the video says it all. Some Christians really can point at a perfect summer sky and claim it’s green with yellow polka dots. Just as they can come to a public atheist display, cover it up with a banner about angels, and claim that their actions are [Read More...]

Ken Ham States the Obvious: Atheists Put Their Faith in Themselves, Not God

Creationist Ken Ham is not at all happy with the atheist billboards the Centre for Inquiry put up in Vancouver:

Ham takes issue with one of the signs suggesting that we trust ourselves instead of the Bible, but he *really* has a problem with the grammar:

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The Bells’ Toll: After Neighbors Complain of Too-Frequent Bell-Ringing, Church Adds Lots of Nighttime Chimes

Last Saturday, the New York Times had a story about the bells of the (Catholic) Church of Our Savior on a relatively quiet block of midtown Manhattan. The church’s neighbors had begun referring to the electronic, amplified bell sounds as “Chinese water torture.” It wasn’t so much the volume as the number of chimes that frayed their nerves.

For years, the bells tolled twice a day, at noon and again at 6 p.m., but in September, when a new pastor arrived at the church, on Park Avenue and 38th Street in Murray Hill, he stepped up the chime schedule to 13 times a day, with additional tolls on the weekends. … The new pastor, the Rev. Robert J. Robbins, began a daily regimen of hourly chimes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., consisting of the tones of a hymn followed by a chiming of the hour.

When a group of Murray Hill residents, Christians included, repeatedly asked the church if the bell-ringing could please revert to the old schedule, they got bupkis.

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Atheist Banner in Illinois Vandalized the Same Day an Article About It Appears in Local Paper

This year, just like last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago put up a sign at North School Park in Arlington Heights reminding passersby that they should let reason prevail:

The Daily Herald even reported on the sign yesterday:

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UK Supermarket Walks Back Statement on Religious Accommodation

Yesterday, UK supermarket Marks & Spencer made headlines with a policy that allowed Muslim employees to refuse to handle things like alcohol and pork that are against their religion, and even refuse to sell them to customers. Terry Firma began a discussion on that general topic on this site yesterday. It may be however, that this was misunderstood. [Read more...]