Religious Right-Wingers Claim Transgender Women’s Equality is ‘Sexual Harassment’

When it comes to trans women in the media, religious pundits’ ignorance and willful bigotry truly know no bounds.

It hardly matters what news story Matt Barber and Mat Staver were discussing on the radio broadcast “Faith and Freedom” this week. It could have been the debate over whether RuPaul’s Drag Race creators used transphobic language; it could have been the recent explosion of fame for trans women like Laverne Cox or Janet Mock; it could have been a discussion of one of many “bathroom bills” like a recently-signed law in California, which allows trans students to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="550"]Mat Staver (left) and Matt Barber[/caption]

This time, the gentlemen were riled up about long-standing guidelines on respecting transgender people in the federal workplace, and they stated outright that transgender equality is a form of sexual harassment.

Have a listen:

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In Skeptical Inquirer, Bill Nye Defends His Participation in Creationism Debate

Skeptical Inquirer has published an exclusive first-hand account by Bill Nye the Science Guy regarding why he decided to participate in a Creationism debate against Ken Ham, how he prepared for it, and how he thought it went:

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There’s No Reason to Think God’s a Mass Murderer… As Long As You Ignore All the Examples

Last month, Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer said that the only reason God was keeping comedian Bill Maher alive was so he would have a chance to repent. It stemmed from a Real Time segment in which Maher mocked Christians who believed in a literal Noah’s Ark:

In all this time, we have yet to hear God’s take on the matter… but that’s been taken care of, courtesy of Mr. Deity. Turns out God doesn’t like that Maher called Him a “psychotic mass murderer”:

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Book Alert: David Niose’s Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason

In 2012, David Niose published a wonderful book called Nonbeliever Nation about our society’s changing demographics away from organized religion.

I’m thrilled to announce that his next book will be published later this year. It’s called Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason and you can pre-order it now:

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Satan as a Mashup: Today’s Devil Combines Zoroastrianism, Greek Mythology, and Lots of Artistic License

The satan of the Old Testament was merely a not-especially-powerful angel in God’s employ, tasked with correcting and disciplining sinners.

A millennium or two later, that supernatural being had morphed into humankind’s most-feared enemy — so evil, cunning, and potent that he could outwit the Creator Himself. The devil tempted and tricked mortals into sin and ruled over a fiery underworld where his helpers gleefully tortured those who had transgressed against the will of the Almighty.

How did that remarkable transformation come about? Paul Gallagher has an interesting write-up on that at Dangerous Minds:

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