Camp Quest Oklahoma Planned a Fundraiser at a Local Restaurant Tonight, but the Christian Owner is Refusing to Work with Them

Camp Quest Oklahoma is trying to raise money for this summer’s camping session and they partnered with a local restaurant for a fundraiser last night. The idea was that if you ate at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in the city of Broken Arrow, 10% of your receipt would go back to Camp Quest (as long as you mentioned the organization or showed them the following flyer):

Sounded like a great idea and it’s a typical way to fundraise; many organizations do it and many restaurants love to help out — it means more customers for them and they’re helping out a local group.

Win-win situation for everybody, right?!

That was the case until Camp Quest supporters arrived at the restaurant and saw this on the door…

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A More Honest Look at Homosexuality in the Bible

John Corvino, a professor at Wayne State University, recently wrote a book called What’s Wrong with Homosexuality? and he has put out a couple of videos specifically talking about the intersection of homosexuality and the Bible. (Spoiler: If you accept the typical “Biblical” view on homosexuality, then, to be consistent, you have to accept a lot of awful things along with it.)

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What Dale McGowan Learned When Writing Atheism for Dummies

Last month, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison held their second annual Freethought Festival. Videos of the event are now going up and they’re definitely worth your time to watch.

In the following video, author Dale McGowan talks about 20 things he learned when writing the book Atheism for Dummies:

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Learning and the Light of Reason: A Review of The Enlightenment Vision

The great thinkers of the Enlightenment had grandiose dreams for the progress of human civilization. They envisioned a world in which all men were created equal, reason triumphed over superstition, and human beings in all their natural variability were free to pursue their own pursuits.

Are we there yet?

That forms only part of the question astrophysicist and former NASA staff scientist Stuart Jordan seeks to answer in The Enlightenment Vision: Science, Reason, and the Promise of a Better Future (Prometheus Books, 2013).

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Christian Pastor: This Is Why Those Bigger, More Popular Churches Are Doing It Wrong

Question: How do you get atheists to listen to a church sermon? Answer: You spend an hour talking about how those other, bigger, more popular churches are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad places. Say hello to our friend Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. The good stuff begins [Read More...]