Arkansas Legislator (Who Loves Jesus) May Shoot You If You Bug Him in Public

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is the politician who filed a bill — now a law — to install a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.

He’s also the guy who refused to debate a representative from The Satanic Temple because “the Devil is a liar [and] why would I want to debate anyone who worships a liar”… even though the Satanists in question don’t actually worship the devil and anyone who researched the issue would know that.

So what has the Christian politician done to embarrass himself now?

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Former Pastor Ryan Bell’s Latest Endeavor is “Life After God”

In 2014, Ryan Bell, a professor and former pastor of a Seventh-day Adventist church, announced that he would “try on” atheism and “live as if there is no God” for 12 months. At the end of that journey, he announced that he no longer believed in a Higher Power.

What do you do when your online persona is built around an experiment that is long over? (Asks the guy who was known for years as someone who sold his soul on eBay.)

Bell’s answer is to help others who may be traveling a similar journey out of religion.

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God’s Life Hacks Aren’t Very Helpful

DarkMatters2525 offers up God’s Top Ten Life Hacks.

They’re, um, not as helpful as I had hoped.

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Even in His Last Interview, Christopher Hitchens Didn’t Let Up on Mother Teresa

In 2011, Richard Dawkins guest-edited the Christmas issue of the New Statesman and included an interview with Christopher Hitchens. It turned out to be the last interview Hitch ever gave. He died that December.

The day after the interview was conducted, Hitchens received an award from Dawkins at the Texas Freethought Convention, where the two embraced in this memorable image:

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A Woman Who Grew Up in the Pentecostal Movement Explains the Mindset of Kim Davis

Heather Emme grew up in the same sort of Pentecostal world that Rowan County clerk Kim Davis (below) currently inhabits. In an excellent post, she offers some insight into that mindset and how she broke free:

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