Christian Children’s Book Preaches Against Same-Sex Parents

God wants everyone to have one mommy and one daddy… according to a new children’s book that masks anti-gay preaching as wholesome literature.

God Made Dad & Mom, written by Amber Dee Parker and illustrated by Hannah Sequra, is the story of a little boy named Michael who learns through prayer what real families are all about. Real families, apparently, can only consist of two different-sex parents, because that’s what God wants.

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Bible Inspires Ordinary Christians to Raise the Dead, Just Like Jesus. Are You Ready For the Zombie Apocalypse?

You’ve probably experienced, more than once, the death of a love one. I have too. We could’ve saved ourselves an ocean of tears and a mountain of grief (not to mention the expense of the funeral!) if we’d only called a Christian prayer team to restore our relative or friend to life. Nifty!

Yes, these self-proclaimed resurrection specialists really do exist. Like 75 million Americans (30% of all U.S. Christians), they believe in the literal truth of the Bible. The deadraisers are special in that they concentrate on Matthew 10:8:

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.

We’ll return to the Americans in a moment, but this wacky international movement is on my mind today thanks to a Dutch Pentecostal evangelist. I learned through a friend that the evangelist, Ronald Plat, has been offering his services to the parents of a girl who recently committed suicide. When they declined his entreaties, he turned to a mother whose two pre-teen sons were found brutally murdered earlier this month. She, too, inexplicably refused to let him anywhere near the bodies of her children. Plat stayed positive, musing on social-media sites how the Netherlands will be “turned on its head” once his death-cheating miracles get the “media attention” they deserve.

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Atheists Raise Massive Amounts of Money to Help Rebecca Vitsmun Rebuild Her Life

Rebecca Vitsmun has struck a chord with people. Maybe it’s because she was so forthright, yet so harmless, when she told Wolf Blitzer she was an atheist. Maybe it’s because she was a breath of fresh air after seeing victim after victim of the Oklahoma tornado thank God for anything and everything. Maybe it’s because we hope that we, too, can be as comfortable in our atheistic shoes as she was in the face of a famous newscaster asking her about her faith on national television.

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Where Are the World’s Atheists?

Using information from last year’s global survey of religiosity (conducted by WIN-Gallup International), the Washington Post put together a nifty map explaining where the world’s “convinced atheists” lived:

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The Stealth Christian Attack on Public Schools

Simply put: Many of these so-called bible study clubs and other religious initiatives are not what they say they are. They have an agenda far more sweeping, and potentially threatening to public education, than they let on. The biggest factor driving this insertion of religion into public schools is judicial activism from the right.

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