Christian Preacher: I’ve Raised 35 People from the Dead by Praying for Them

You’ll all be thrilled to learn that Christian preacher Todd Bentley, last seen explaining how kicking women in the face was a way to heal them, has resurrected 35 people thanks to the power of God:

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Florida Teacher Encouraged Second-Graders To Skip Class and Attend “See You at the Pole” Event

How is it possible that so many public school officials fail to understand the rules for “See You at the Pole” events (where students can gather around the flagpole to pray)?

As long as it’s done outside of official school hours and only students are leading and participating in it, there’s no issue. When staff or administration gets involved beyond facilitating that, there’s a problem. It’s that simple.

The adults at Florida’s Okaloosa County School District haven’t figured this out yet. Even worse, a teacher at Laurel Hill School apparently had her second grade students attend a prayer event during school hours. And images from at least one event last year were publicly posted on Facebook:

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This Nightly Show Conversation About Water on Mars is Infuriating

Want to know what it’s like to be a teacher? Just imagine a whole bunch of adults who are super-passionate about their subjects… trying to share their wisdom with a bunch of students who don’t give a damn (and have no problem showing it).

Still not getting it? Then watch this discussion on The Nightly Show between Bill Nye — who’s super-excited about the implications of finding water on Mars — and two comedians who think he’s insane for caring about it this much:

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An Honest Poem About Religion

In a powerful piece of spoken word poetry, Harley Neville challenges religious belief:

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Why It’s So Important to Fight for Church/State Separation

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist posted a terrific interview with Sarah Levin, Legislative Associate for the Secular Coalition for America. In it, Levin talks about why she fights for church state/separation and why the First Amendment protects people of all faiths and no faith:

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