Pat Robertson: If Your Man Watches Porn, Leave Him, but If He Cheats on You, Stay

Yesterday, Pat Robertson told a woman whose boyfriend watches porn that she should leave him

Robertson said that the boyfriend may not be addicted to pornography, “but he’s always going to be comparing you to those bosomy babes that are dancing around on those porn flicks. And you don’t want to be competing against something like that.

“If I were you I would say sayonara,” he recommended. “Leave! It’s okay. You’re not married. Walk away.

If it’s porn, walk away! It’s only gonna get worse!

… which is interesting advice given that, back in May, he told a woman whose husband was actually cheating on her that she should stay with him:

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A Catholic Scholar Has a Change of Heart on Gay Marriage, and It’s a Doozy For All the Wrong Reasons

The New York Times has a piece that goes to great lengths to describe what a serious and weighty thinker Joseph Bottum is. Bottum is a conservative Catholic whose scholarliness is such that he refers casually to “Thomas” when he means the 13th-century Christian philosopher Thomas Aquinas. You and I might find that vaguely amusing or off-putting, but the Times is smitten:

His erudite writing for conservative magazines like National Review and The Weekly Standard is laced with references to church history and theology and to Christian writers like G. K. Chesterton and W. H. Auden. He fiercely opposes abortion, and for five years, until 2010, he was editor in chief of First Things, a key opinion journal for religious conservatives.

It seems that the Times now applauds Bottum primarily because he has changed his views on gay marriage. Only five years ago, Bottum railed against proponents of equal rights, calling them promoters of an “amoral world,” and adding in no uncertain terms,

God’s will is for marriage to be a covenant between a man and a woman. Nothing else will work.

Now he’s come around. Bottum (hold the jokes) is in favor of gay marriage, he explains in a long, aimless, meandering essay in Commonweal Magazine.

Here, as summarized in the Times, are the three key arguments through which Bottum came to his change of heart.

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A Historical Walk on the ‘Freethought Trail’

Kimberly Winston writes about “The Freethought Trail,” a self-guided walking tour through West-Central New York that covers locations and people important in freethought history, including the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum and the National Women’s Hall of Fame:

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If You Want to Date an Atheist, Where Should You Look?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the intersection of atheism and dating:

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The Atheists Who Sing Hymns

Many atheists will tell you that, even though they don’t go to church anymore, they still miss the music. In New York, a group of atheists and agnostics (and a few straggling theists) are part of a group called the Renaissance Street Singers that offer public performances of religious music for the sole reason that they just love the pieces:

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