You Were Right… Salvation Lies Within

On Monday, a few New York Police Department officers had a routine traffic stop that led to multiple arrests. Why the escalation? Because, inside the car, the cops found marijuana, a gravity knife, and… a Bible.

Well, not just any Bible.

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Foundation Beyond Belief Surpasses $2,000,000 in Donations

Foundation Beyond Belief, a group I work with that encourages atheists to give to charity, just announced that it has surpassed $2,000,000 in total donations:

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A Christian Chaplain is Mad That He Can’t Tell LGBT Juvenile Inmates They’re Hellbound Sinners

You may want to break out the tissues.

A volunteer Christian chaplain has been “fired” by the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice because he refused to stop telling LGBT inmates that they were deviant hellbound sinners (the Bible’s words, of course, since he would never say such an awful thing on his own).

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Donald Trump: “Nothing Beats the Bible”

Last month, in an attempt to curry favor with the GOP’s Christian base, Donald Trump pandered to an Iowa crowd by talking about how he attends church. It didn’t help that he also told them he doesn’t seek forgiveness from God… and threw in a few curse words for good measure.

It was a disaster. (Or, as Trump would call it, an unequivocal success.)

It looks like he’s learning, though. Speaking at an event in Michigan a couple of days ago, Trump pointed out that someone in the crowd had his book Trump: The Art of the Deal. But instead of taking the bait and saying it was the best book ever, he conceded that it only the second best book ever. Because Bible:

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UFC Fighter Chooses God Over Padding, Breaks Rib

It sounds like UFC Featherweight fighter José Aldo has taken too many hits to the head. After he withdrew from a fight last month with a rib injury, UFC President Dana White criticized his training methods, saying that Aldo might have avoided breaking his rib if he’d worn proper padding. Aldo fired back in a Brazilian press conference, claiming that body pads are irrelevant since he has the protection of a Higher Power.

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