Kentucky Lawmaker Defends Bill Allowing Religious Discrimination by Citing Examples of Christians Not Always Getting Their Way

Last month, lawmakers in Kentucky proposed a billHouse Bill 279 — that would allow discrimination in the workplace, housing, or even public facilities if the justification involved “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Gays, lesbians, atheists, Muslims, and pretty much everyone who’s not a Christian had good reason to fear this bill.

On March 22nd, Gov. Steve Beshear did the right thing and vetoed the bill (PDF):

As written, the measure calls into question the scope and efficacy of many laws regarding public health and safety as well as individual civil rights… Our businesses, our local governments, our citizens and our religious organizations should not be burdened with the potential consequences associated with this well intended but ultimately flawed legislation.

Unfortunately, the Kentucky House and Senate had the numbers to override the veto

Which brings us to yesterday. Republican Rep. Stan Lee wrote a letter to the Lexington Herald-Leader to counter the charge that this bill was all about “pandering” and cowardice. There are so many false statements and exaggerated claims in the piece, you would think Lee was trying to get hired at FOX News Channel. My own commentary is in red:

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This is What Actual Christian Persecution Looks Like

Jonathan Merritt at Religion News Service has a fantastic article in which he talks about what real Christian persecution looks like:

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Cartoonist: ‘It Isn’t Difficult to See the Popemobile as a Four-Wheel Condom’

You may have seen this “Bizarro” comic strip in your local paper yesterday:

On his blog, artist Dan Piraro elaborated on his comic with a level of honesty you don’t expect from a syndicated cartoonist:

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Camp Quest Oklahoma Planned a Fundraiser at a Local Restaurant Tonight, but the Christian Owner is Refusing to Work with Them

Camp Quest Oklahoma is trying to raise money for this summer’s camping session and they partnered with a local restaurant for a fundraiser last night. The idea was that if you ate at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in the city of Broken Arrow, 10% of your receipt would go back to Camp Quest (as long as you mentioned the organization or showed them the following flyer):

Sounded like a great idea and it’s a typical way to fundraise; many organizations do it and many restaurants love to help out — it means more customers for them and they’re helping out a local group.

Win-win situation for everybody, right?!

That was the case until Camp Quest supporters arrived at the restaurant and saw this on the door…

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A More Honest Look at Homosexuality in the Bible

John Corvino, a professor at Wayne State University, recently wrote a book called What’s Wrong with Homosexuality? and he has put out a couple of videos specifically talking about the intersection of homosexuality and the Bible. (Spoiler: If you accept the typical “Biblical” view on homosexuality, then, to be consistent, you have to accept a lot of awful things along with it.)

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