Couple Accused of Sexually Abusing Child for Years, Using the Old Testament to Justify Their Actions

In a horrific story coming out of Port St. Lucie, Florida, a 21-year-old woman says her caretakers physically and sexually abused her for most of her teenage years, using the Bible to justify their actions.

It began when the woman was 13. After her biological mother died, she was taken in by Rob and Marie Johnson (below). Rob was related to the mother. The abuse began almost immediately:

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Franklin Graham Threatens Boycott Over Target’s Removal of Gender-Specific Labeling

As you may have heard, Target has decided to move away from gender-specific labeling in their children’s departments. Toys are no longer going to be for “girls” or “boys,” for instance. It sounds like a pretty good idea. After all, as this rather handy flowchart indicates, the process for evaluating whether we should be concerned about gender for kids’ toys isn’t very complicated:

In all seriousness, kids don’t need to be told which toys to play with based on our gender constructs. Some kids like How to Train Your Dragon and Minecraft. Some like dolls. Many like both. That isn’t going to change because we stop labeling some things “boys” and some “girls.” What will hopefully change is that kids will feel less pressure to conform to adults’ ideas of what toys they should be playing with. They’ll have more freedom to explore their own interests without thinking that certain toys are “wrong” for them.

That’s not the way Franklin Graham sees things, though. On the contrary, in a Facebook post that has been reshared by such luminaries as Sarah Palin, Graham not only bemoans the move, but urges shoppers to boycott the retailer.

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Pat Robertson: Christians Can Ignore the Book of Leviticus (but the Anti-Gay Parts Still Apply)

Pat Robertson loves to cite the Book of Leviticus when he’s ranting against homosexuality.

But on today’s episode of The 700 Club, Robertson made clear that Leviticus is a book all True Christians™ can ignore:

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Singer Pharrell Williams Demands Framed Photo of Carl Sagan at Every Show

When you think of unusual contract riders for musicians, Van Halen‘s request for M&Ms with all the brown ones taken out comes to mind. (They had a good reason for it.)

But here’s a surprise: Pharrell Williams, the singer/songwriter behind “Blurred Lines” and “Happy,” demands that a photo of Carl Sagan be placed in his dressing room before every show:

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MSNBC Discusses the Attacks on Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers

Kudos to MSNBC for discussing the brutal slayings of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh.

They brought in the Center For Inquiry’s Michael De Dora this morning to shed light on this issue. It comes just days after the latest tragedy:

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