The Problem with Christians Who Think I’m Going to Hell

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, responds to the idea that I’m going to hell for being an atheist:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

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An Ex-Muslim Talks About Growing Up in Hezbollah Culture

Marwa Berro is an ex-Muslim blogger whose writing has enlightened me whether she’s talking about transitioning out of Islam or why she continues to be an activist.

Her latest piece may be the most eye-opening of them all. In it, she writes about growing up in “Hezbollah culture” and how thinking of the group as a “terrorist Islamist organization” doesn’t quite encapsulate its power and effect:

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Candidate for Apopka City Commission: ‘My Opponent is Not a Christian’

The people of Apopka, Florida love their Jesus.

That’s why, last year, a local school board gave permission to a Christian group to hand out Bibles to students (leading a young atheist activist to counter with a freethought literature distribution of his own).

It’s also the city where there’s a tight race for one of the seats on the board of commissioners. The election between incumbent Marilyn Ustler McQueen and challenger Diane Velazquez takes place in two weeks and it just took a nasty turn.

After a candidate forum Monday night, McQueen took to Facebook to post thoughts about her opponent. Her biggest complaint?

Velasquez doesn’t appear to be a True Christian™!

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Are Atheists Better and More Trustworthy Friends? For One Pained Christian Preacher, the Answer Is Yes

Christianity has roughly 41,000 denominations, all of their members quietly or not-so-quietly claiming that they are purer and better Christians than the folks in the other 40,999 groups.

Think of all the pain — strife, frustration, aggression, violence, heartbreak — that radiated out from the forming of virtually each of those factions. Christians love a good schism (or at least, they don’t seem able to help themselves in causing new ones). With each new rift, the human toll in terms of shunnings, ruptured family ties, and lost friendships goes up. You’ll need a Python-strength sense of humor to see the fun in that.

Splinters, as we all know, can hurt.

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Project ROSE Offers Sex Workers a Choice: Church or Prison?

The Bible says that Jesus spoke and listened to prostitutes with demonstrable love and acceptance, refusing to reinforce the rejection and condemnation these biblical women endured from their communities. It does not indicate that he may have arrested or detained them, threatened them with imprisonment, or coerced them into hearing hours of sex-shaming tirades.

But to Project Phoenix, the organization behind the anti-prostitution initiative Project ROSE, that’s the best strategy for rescuing sex workers from themselves, whether they like it or not.

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