After Religious Convocation in Mississippi School District, Officials Promise a Secular Ceremony Next Year

A few days ago, I wrote about how the Jackson Public School District in Mississippi had held a mandatory, three-hour-long convocation for all faculty members that included plenty of nods to Jesus.

You would have never guessed it looking at the properly bland event description on the district’s website:

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Incorrigible Pastor and GOP Candidate Jody Hice Spreads One Misattributed Quotation After Another

I keep this smartypants meme handy on my computer desktop so I can quickly post it, when called for, in certain comment threads on Facebook.

In my experience, the most common Internet misattributions have some link to religion, a field where a reverence for facts is often doubtful to begin with and grotesque fabrications are baked right into the faith’s foundational “truths.”

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If Elected Judge, Her First Order of Business Will Be Putting Up a Ten Commandments Display in the Court Building

Lauren Saucier (below) is one of four candidates vying to become a judge on the Pineville (Louisiana) City Court. And if she gets elected, she already knows her first order of business: Putting up a Ten Commandments display in the court building:

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Georgia Pastor Breaks Law to Promote His Church, Then Complains When City Threatens a Lawsuit

Here’s a perfect example of a Christian who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him because he answers to a Higher Power.

Sonny Serigney, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Grovetown, Georgia, wanted to promote his church, so he installed a 19,000-bulb LED sign on church property to do just that:

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Would You Still Fight Religion If It Did Nothing Worse Than Provide Comfort?

Three years ago, Anna Whiston-Donaldson, a mother and writer in Virginia, experienced the almost unimaginable pain of losing a child. Her son Jack drowned in a creek just up the street from the family’s home. He was only 12. Donaldson just published a memoir of her grief.

Here’s one quote:

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