New Research Shows Wikipedia Trolls Are Making “Controversial” Science Articles Less Reliable

How reliable are Wikipedia’s entries on “controversial” scientific subjects?

A new article published in the journal PLOS One says that the site’s articles may be questionable because anti-science forces are tampering with the information.

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Secular Student Alliance Urges Catholic Universities to Say Yes to Atheist Groups on Campus

The other day, the online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society posted about how Catholic universities should say no to atheist groups on campus.

I was frustrated by the piece because those groups do a lot for students at those schools. Among other things, they provide a safe space to question faith and encourage open discussion on religious matters. Cutting off atheist groups would probably do more to push people away from the faith than keeping them there.

Today, the Secular Student Alliance issued a press release (via email) urging Catholic schools to allow atheist groups to form:

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Anti-Gay, Affair-Having Christian Lawmaker Says His Actions Are Just a “Showcase” for God’s Powers

You all know Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser by now because he’s the anti-gay rights legislators who thinks “traditional marriage” means having an affair with also-married colleague Rep. Cindy Gamrat and then distributing a fake email alleging that he fucked a male prostitute in order to throw people off the real story.

It’s what Jesus would have wanted.

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This Bible Museum Using Discarded Celebrity Wax Figures is the Stuff of Nightmares

It turns out there is an afterlife for celebrity wax figures, and it looks a lot like Heaven.

Monty Python fans, gather ’round.

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So That’s Why the Pastor Tried on Atheism for a Year…

Remember Ryan Bell, the former pastor who decided to “try on” atheism for a year, only to announce afterwards that he no longer believed in God?

I guess he was just infiltrating our world on Mr. Deity‘s behalf in order to expose our secrets:

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