Jesus Returns and Gets Nailed

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An Ever-Growing List of What Conservatives are Blaming for the Charleston Shootings

You knew this was coming.

Here’s a growing list of what conservatives are blaming for the shootings inside the Emanuel AME Church last night:

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Rep. Jody Hice: Church-State Separation is a False Belief and Secular Government Would Lead to Chaos

Speaking to the Future Conference (run by California’s Skyline Church) yesterday, Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) told the audience that separation of church and state was a “false belief” that didn’t exist in the Constitution… ignoring the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

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The Supreme Court Was Wrong to Rule That Texas Could Reject a Confederate Flag License Plate

Earlier today, in a weird 5-4 decision that had Justice Clarence Thomas siding with the four liberals, the Supreme Court ruled that Texas had the right to reject a specialty license plate for the Sons of Confederate Veterans with a Confederate flag on it:

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New Research on the Science vs. Religion Debate Looks at the Effectiveness of Different Science Popularizers

In a new study appearing in the journal Public Understandings of Science, Rice University’s Elaine Howard Ecklund and West Virginia University’s Christopher P. Scheitle wanted to find out the effect different “science popularizers” had on the question of whether science and religion were compatible. So they went right to the extremes, using Richard Dawkins (an [Read More…]