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Over the past couple of years, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. As always, I’d like to continue expanding the reach of this site. That entails bringing on additional contributors with different voices, including more guest posts from people who can offer interesting and different perspectives, creating more YouTube videos, and making the podcasts sound more professional.

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Christian Convert with Anti-Muslim History Runs Down Muslim Teen Outside Mosque

Fifteen year old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein was leaving the Somali Center of Kansas City to head home after prayers on Thursday evening when a SUV struck him. The Chevy Blazer severed Sheikh-Hussein’s legs before the driver fled the scene. The teen was transported to a local hospital, where he died not too long after from his injuries and blood loss.

But Sheikh-Hussein’s death was no accident, no panicked hit-and-run. The driver who swerved into him was Ahmed H. Aden (below), a former Muslim and convert to Christianity with a history of conflict with the Muslim/Somali community. Aden acknowledged that he deliberately swerved into the teen, but says that Sheikh-Hussein was not his intended victim.

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Spartanburg (South Carolina) Coroner Marks Traffic Deaths by Painting a Cross on the Road

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, whenever there’s a fatal accident on the road, County Coroner Rusty Clevenger honors the lives of those who died by marking the spot with a Christian cross:

Clevenger said painting the crosses was first approved through the state Department of Transportation. He said the painted crosses on the asphalt are more permanent and serve as a reminder to drive carefully since the painting is at the spot on the road where the crash occurred.

The evening following the cross painting, Clevenger spoke at an annual vigil for those slain in violent crimes. He defined sympathy as a feeling of compassion for another’s suffering and read a scripture from the Bible.

On a personal level, it’s admirable what he’s trying to do. However, since the Spartanburg Herald Journal won’t ask the obvious questions, I guess I have to play the bad guy here:

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Michigan’s New Adoption Laws Are Designed to Make Life Harder for Foster Children Who Need a Loving Home

This is a guest post by Josh Derke, a Michigan native supporting equality and justice. You can reach him on Facebook or Twitter at @arushedjoke.

I ran for State Representative in Michigan on a platform of social justice and equality in a conservative district. It was my first foray into the political arena as a candidate, so I wasn’t very well known outside of my home town. I gained notoriety in my district and around the world when I responded to a bigoted survey, but I lost the election by about 7,000 votes in a year that was not favorable to Democrats. My campaign was focused on having conversations about important issues sure to come up in the state legislature, such as the expansion of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) to include LGBTQ peoples.

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Deepak Chopra: Physics Needs God

Huffington Post recently published an article by Deepak Chopra entitled “Why Physics Needs God but God Doesn’t Need Physics,” and it’s either a thoroughly enjoyable or incredibly frustrating piece, depending on whether or not you enjoy the sort of well-marketed hubris and sophistry at which Chopra excels.

Chopra contends “that physics can’t escape its meeting with God.”

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