I Suppose Alan Keyes Wants Us to Keep Digging…

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A.C. Grayling: Make the Most of the 1,000 Months You Have to Live

Author A.C. Grayling is the author, most recently, of The God Argument: The Case against Religion and for Humanism and he recently filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life.

In the segment below, Grayling talks about how we must make the most of the (approximately) 1,000 months we have to live — especially those golden 300:

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Detroit Archbishop Says That Catholics Who Support Marriage Equality Shouldn’t Receive Communion

In a social climate where more than half of American Catholics support equal marriage rights for gay couples, yet another high-level cleric made it crystal clear that the Church will not tolerate differences of opinion in matters of human sexuality.

In a statement to the Detroit Free Press on Sunday, Archbishop Allen Vigneron condemned Catholics who support gay marriage while participating in the Eucharistic ritual at the heart of Catholic Mass:

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Alan Keyes Equates Church-State Separation with Eating Boogers

Alan Keyes might be the most entertaining man ever to run for president. Always running on the fringes of what is already a very fringe-y GOP, he never ekes out more support than the what could be confused for the margin of error, but he instills a fervency of devotion from those who have gone cuckoo for Keyes.

Ambassador Keyes (and yes, he was Reagan’s Ambassador to the UN Economic and Social Council) recently spoke at an event at Spring Arbor University in Michigan and did not fail to bring the crazy, saying that the United States was near death, because we are currently violating “the premise of the existence of our country as a political entity.” The premise, of course, is that God Did It.

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Explaining the Missing Footprints

Finally, we get a sensible answer to the question everyone’s been wondering:

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