State Officials in North Carolina Can Now Use Religion as an Excuse to Get Out of Conducting Gay Weddings

Lazy clerks and religious bigots in North Carolina got some great news this week.

On the other hand, the Republican legislature handed a rather raw deal to gay couples, those who support equality and actual freedom of religion, and taxpayers who prefer that government officials do the jobs they’re paid to do.

On Thursday, the North Carolina House, following the lead of the Senate, voted to override Governor Pat McCrory‘s veto of the “religious freedom” bill, SB 2, that allows magistrates to refuse to officiate weddings if they object on the basis of deeply held religious beliefs.

Essentially, the faith-based personal opinions of public officials in North Carolina now count as legal excuses to not do their jobs.

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College Athlete Says She Lost Her Scholarship After Objecting to Her Coach’s Christian Proselytizing

Normally, when we hear stories about a college coach who forces athletes to participate in religious ceremonies, they involve atheist students.

What’s going on at Delaware State University, however, involves two religious parties.

According to a federal lawsuit filed this week, Natalia Mendieta received a full scholarship to play volleyball for DSU in 2012. Even though she had other similar offers, she was excited to start playing in Delaware. As long as she contributed to the team and remained academically eligible, it was assumed she would continue receiving her scholarship.

At the end of her first year, the team got a new head coach, LaKisya Killingsworth, who immediately made sure the players knew who’s boss:

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New TV Show Will Highlight Modern-Day Miracles… (Because Trying to Explain Them Would Require Thought)

Looks like TLC will soon be airing a show that’s the antithesis of Mythbusters.

Instead of trying to get to the bottom of various myths — that takes too much work — Answered Prayers will just assume that whatever unexplained coincidences people share with them are part of God’s Master Plan.

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A Former Quiverfull Mother Explains Why She Left the Lifestyle

Last week, we posted an interview with Vyckie Garrison, the founding editor of No Longer Qivering (a website based upon the “quiverfull” lifestyle that she left years ago).

Seth Andrews just released a powerful video of her describing the difficulties of that culture and why she had to get out:

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Atheist Comedian Eddie Izzard: I’m Running for Mayor of London in 2020

Well, if an atheist wants to run for elected office, doing it overseas is probably a good bet.

Comedian Eddie Izzard (who performed at the 2012 Reason Rally) said in an interview that he plans to run for Mayor of London in 2020:

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