A Church’s Billboard Gives Atheists a Second Chance for Publicity

Here’s a simple question: Why do atheist groups put up billboards?

Here’s a simple answer that no one seems to get: Because they get attention. They get press coverage. They get people talking about atheism and religion and the local groups.

So if Christians *really* wanted atheist groups to stop putting up the billboards, all they’d have to do is stop paying attention to them.

Thankfully, that’s not happening. [Read more...]

Atheist Plans to Run Marathon to Raise Money for Hurricane Victims

Before the New York City Marathon was cancelled, Julia Burke, a contributor to the website Atheist Hobos, knew she couldn’t run it in good conscience: [Read more...]

Eschaton 2012: The Best of Times, The End of Times

The Ottawa Centre for Inquiry is hosting a conference at the end of this month called Eschaton 2012: Celebrating Reason at the End of the World: [Read more...]

It’s a Trap!

Only the clever find a way to escape! [Read more...]

The Richard Mourdock Version of Lena Dunham’s Campaign Ad

This is disturbing… and creepy… and probably wrong on all sorts of levels. [Read more...]