After Getting Called Out for Not Standing During the Pledge, Atheist Addresses City Council

A couple of weeks ago, at a Mission Viejo City Council meeting in California, atheist Al Holguin and his wife didn’t stand during the Pledge of Allegiance (because they don’t believe we’re “one nation under God”). They’re in the front row in the image below.

While that shouldn’t have been a big deal, council member Frank Ury indirectly called them out on it afterwards with a speech about how everyone needed to stand for the Pledge because it was the respectful thing to do. As if atheists who don’t stand aren’t patriotic.

Holguin didn’t have the chance to say anything that day, but he signed up to deliver a public comment at the next meeting. His opportunity came earlier this week; his rebuttal was powerful, paid homage to atheists in foxholes, and had all the respect that Ury wouldn’t give him.

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Pastor Changes “Jesus Had 2 Dads” Sign Outside Church After Realizing What That Actually Means

We’ve said this so many times before: Church leaders should always get a teenager to read over the signs outside their buildings so they don’t embarrass themselves.

Rev. Roy T. Herberger, pastor at SS. Columba-Brigid Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York, didn’t get the memo. Instead, he just looked up “funny church signs” on Google, came across one that made him laugh, and put it up outside the building.

The Catholic leader had no idea that “Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out just fine” is actually a slogan often used by people who support gay marriage.

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Comedian Lewis Black Reads an Incredible (and Hilarious) Mormon Resignation Letter

At a recent stand-up show in Oklahoma City, comedian Lewis Black read a letter written by an 18-year-old who is officially resigning from the Mormon Church in the wake of its new policies against gay couples and their children.

The language is NSFW, but you’ll want to find time to listen to this:

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FFRF Asks Tennessee School Board to Take Down Christian Flag at Meetings

For some reason, the Unicoi County Schools Board of Education (in Tennessee) has a Christian flag hoisted during their meetings. So you know that’ll be coming down soon.

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Wadena Nativity Scene in Local Park Will Come Down After Resident Points Out That It’s Illegal

A Nativity scene in a Wadena (Minnesota) park will be coming down after the city council was told it was violating the law:

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