The Pastors Busted on Ashley Madison Could Have Been Worse Off

It’s only a sin if you can discriminate against people, right?

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 70: Attorney David Niose, on Legal Issues Affecting Young Atheists

Our latest podcast guest is attorney David Niose, to chat with us about legal concerns that young atheists may have as they go back to school.

Niose has been the president of two major organizations, the American Humanist Association and the Secular Coalition for America. He currently serves as the AHA’s legal director. He’s also a lawyer who has argued in front of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court about why the Pledge of Allegiance shouldn’t be recited in public school classrooms. And he’s the author of Nonbeliever Nation and Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason.

We spoke with him about the legal issues affecting young atheists and how they should respond. Topics addressed include: Saying the Pledge of Allegiance, “See You at the Pole” events, religious choir music, science education, Gideons Bible giveaways, faith-based assemblies, and prayers at football games.

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A Four-Part Plan to End Discrimination Against Atheists (and Other Non-Catholics) in Irish Schools

In Ireland, where even State-funded schools are almost always run by the Catholic Church, students, parents, and teachers who don’t belong to the faith can be discriminated against in a variety of ways. Some students have even been denied admission into public schools for their non-Catholic beliefs. Making matters worse, the Irish government is considering two bills dealing with school admission and employment equality that would further alienate people of minority faiths or no faith.

In the Irish Times, Michael Nugent lays out four ways the government can fix the problem:

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Georgia High School Band Plays Religious Hymn at Football Game

It was just last week when West Laurens High School (Georgia), which used to have illegal pre-game invocations over the loudspeakers, tried out a moment of silence instead. The change took place following a warning from Americans United for Separation of Church.

But Friday night, the band director pushed God into the game in a different way:

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Don’t Slam the Door on Jehovah’s Witnesses Too Hard… Or Else

In this short film, a Jehovah’s Witness gets revenge after getting the door slammed in his face one too many times…

(Possibly NSFW due to violence)

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