Campus Atheist Group’s Display Vandalized… Twice

Last week, the Penn Secular Society put up an awesome display on the main part of campus. It was a “partial list” of all the gods people don’t believe in with a handwritten sign on the far right (it’s hard to see below) reading, “So what’s one more?”

Within a couple of days, one of the pages had been ripped down and coffee had been thrown on the middle of the display:

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Author Claims Fatherlessness Leads to Atheism… and Rejection of God Turns Women Into Lesbians

How do you promote your book when its ideas are flawed and easily refutable? Simple. You put out a press release, let Google Alerts do their magic, and sit back and relax until everyone wants to know more about how anyone could *seriously* believe what you’re saying.

That’s a page from the playbook of Dr. Paul Vitz, the author of the (newly updated!) book Faith of the Fatherless. In it, he makes the argument that we became atheists because we were disappointed in our fathers.

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Malala Yousafzai’s Book Is Banned From Many Pakistani Schools Because It Might Lead Muslim Children to Doubt

Malala Yousafzai’s recent book, I Am Malala, is causing a lot of commotion in her native Pakistan.

In the latest example, Mirza Kashif, the president of the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation, said he’s decided to protect Pakistani children from the impertinent book — banning it to keep them from entering “a confused state of mind.” He’s afraid that Malala’s biographical account “will challenge the ideological foundations of our next generation.”

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God Is Disappointed in Me

Mark Russell excerpted bits from his book God Is Disappointed In You (illustrated by Shannon Wheeler) on Medium and, if the piece is any indication, you’ll enjoy this summary of the Bible:

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Finally: Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt (a.k.a. “Dr. Chaps”) — a right-winger and Bryan Fischer-wannabe — says he has scientific proof of God’s existence!

And mathematical proof, too, as seen below:

But back to the science (at the 24:44 mark):

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