Okay, I Guess I’ll Try a Communion Wafer…

Because everything tastes better with AussieMite spread:

Elise Ramsey, AussieMite managing director, said: “We couldn’t afford to play it safe so the brief to the guys was to get AussieMite noticed and show how tasty our product is. They did that with humour that very much suits our brand.”

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Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele Promote Church/State Separation in New Music Video

Glee‘s Jane Lynch (who recently told TMZ she was “kind of an atheist”) and comedian Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele) just lent their support to a music video promoting the idea of church/state separation:

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A Public School Brought in Unqualified Christian Women to Teach Students About Sex… and Guess How That Went?

Let’s run through a short list of items a quality sex education lecture for teenagers shouldn’t include:

Having students spit into a cup and then telling the class that drinking that cup is the equivalent of having sex with eight partners.

Arguing that condoms break… so they’re not helpful at all.

Telling ladies that they’re emotional after sex, so they’ll become attached to whomever they have sex with.

Tell students that STIs will make them sterile… without adding that that might happen only if left untreated.

State that medical textbooks say life begins at conception… when they don’t say that at all.

Saying “There’s a new STD that they’re saying is going to be the new AIDS” without elaborating further… so no sex for anyone!

Telling the students that you know two women who have had abortions and they both ended up with a perforated uterus because of the tools used during their procedures… so no abortions for anyone!

Those were among the things Joi Wasill, the founder of Decisions, Choices and Options (a group with “strong Christian, Republican and anti-abortion ties”), and Beth Cox, who is on the board of directors for the group, said to a group of students at Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month.

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Her Eye Doctor Wanted Her to See Jesus

Joanna Clark is a part-time calligrapher and full-time assistant language teacher in Japan. She’s been there for almost three years, and plans to return to the United States this summer. When she does, she’s going to be reminded how different the countries are in how they practice their respective religions.

Home from college on a break, she wanted new reading glasses, so off to the optometrist she went. Joanna happened to be carrying a Tokidoki LeSportSac whose two sides represent heaven and hell. Here’s a close look at a similar Tokidoki purse:

After allowing a technician to put a solution in her eyes to dilate her pupils in preparation for a vision test, Joanna was asked to wait. Magazines soon became too blurry too read, but she noticed a Rubik’s Cube adorned with a picture of Jesus and started fiddling with it.

Soon, the technician returned with a colleague and the optometrist, and the trio sweetly asked to see her bag. Joanna, not suspecting what was about to come, held it up for them.

Then this happened:

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What Are Atheists Doing for the Victims of the Oklahoma Tornado?

Comedian Doug Stanhope‘s Indiegogo campaign to raise money for Rebecca Vitsmun (whose exchange with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer went viral) has more than doubled it’s target goal, raking in over $100,000.

Vitsmun has pledged to donate the funds she doesn’t need to a non-profit organization that will benefit other victims.

But what about everybody else who needs help?

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