She Regrets Not Praying with Her Dying Mother

What would you do if your dying mother asked you to pray with her?

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Neurologist and Author Oliver Sacks Has Died

Oliver Sacks, the 82-year-old neurologist and writer who announced his terminal cancer earlier this year, died this morning.

Sacks was an atheist and an honorary board member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, though fighting religion was never his primary concern:

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If the Answers Are in Genesis, the Questions Must Be Awful

Linda xo would like to apologize, on behalf of all Australians, for bringing us Ken Ham.

Because there are no answers in Genesis, just ancient stories gullible people still believe.

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Rock Paper Scissors: Christian Edition

Turns out Christians have second-rate versions of secular games, too:

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Arrested Psychics Confess Their Scams in Order to Get Out of Prison

A number of psychics who have been arrested for defrauding their clients could get an early release from prison if a parole board grants it. First, however, they have to come clean about their actions. You’ll be shocked to learn the truth about their business:

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