Rick Santorum Suggests Separation of Church and State Isn’t an American Ideal; It’s a Communist One

STAND America, a group headed by right-wing pastor and politician E.W. Jackson, posted a video on Monday of a conference call between group members and former Senator, Republican presidential primary candidate, and Urban Dictionary entry Rick Santorum.

Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch picked up an interesting part of the conversation:

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Bet You Missed This Funny Biblical Message in the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

For attentive viewers, Sunday night’s episode of AMC’s zombie creep-fest The Walking Dead provided some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it amusement from an unexpected source — the Good Book:

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Dennis Prager: Without the Ten Commandments, Atheists Would Never Know Murder is Wrong

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager just launched a video series on the Ten Commandments… and if you listen to just the first 30 seconds, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t take this guy seriously.

He claims right off the bat that the Ten Commandments (which “changed the world for the better” moreso than any other document in world history) inspired western civilization, and that’s the reason we have things like women’s rights and no slavery.

(What’s that? The Bible has been used to deny women equal rights and defend slavery? Why don’t you just pour yourself a great big bowl of shut the hell up.)

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Scott Lively: Homosexuality Is Like “Junk Food” That Will “Break Down” Your Body

Scott Lively, the evangelical pastor known for helping ignite homophobic laws in Uganda and Russia, has come up with a colorful new metaphor for homosexuality.

In an appearance on Trunews on Monday, Lively described homosexuality as an “infection” that would ultimately destroy the “immune system” of society.

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Bill O’Reilly Had a Psychotherapist Analyze American Atheists’ Latest Billboard Campaign

Last night, Bill O’Reilly discussed American Atheists’ recent billboard campaign featuring a girl writing a letter that says, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

O’Reilly didn’t invite anyone from AA to participate in the conversation, of course, because then he couldn’t just say nasty things about them without being challenged. So he instead invited psychotherapist Karen Ruskin, who compared AA to bullies and gang members looking to beat up all those Christians:

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